I cannot install CancerGene.

You cannot install CaGene directly from the download site. You must save the setup file to your C:\ drive and then double click it in My Computer or Windows Explorer to install it. Alternatively, you can save it to your C:\ drive and then use the Start/Run command to install it after you have browsed to the setup file.  

I get an unwise install message.

This occurs when you try to install CaGene from a CD-ROM by double clicking the setup file. You must copy setup.exe from the CD-ROM and paste it to your C:\ drive before you double click it.

I get an error message when I try to access the database.

Running the CancerGene setup program should automatically configure the ODBC drivers on your computer so that CancerGene can talk with Microsoft Access. If you get error messages when trying to access the database, you will have to manually reconfigure your ODBC driver.

The program freezes after I enter a pedigree and click the Done button.

  • Not running the most recent version of the program and database
  • Entered a non-numeric or nonsensical value for an age. (e.g. "?," "30's,'' or "999" will not work)
  • You're an international user and don't have the regional settings switched to U.S. Standard (decimal notation requires periods rather than commas). Regional Settings is accessed through Start/Control Panels. Double click Regional Settings and use the scroll down menu to select English (United States).” Click OK.
  • You did not enter an appropriate last name for this pedigree. Hyphenated names will work. Avoid spaces in the last name. 
  • You're missing the file Budapi.u32 in the Care folder. A replacement copy can be obtained from the Online Download page.

I get the message: Unable to display icon Nav Buttons

Inside of the installation folder (Care_X) is a folder called xtras. All of the following files must be in the xtras folder for CancerGene to work appropriately: wmfview.x32, viewsvc.x32, Pngimp.x32, pictview.x32, mixview.x32, Mix32.x32, Gifimp.x32, emfview.x32, and bmpview.x32.

I get the message, Unable to execute a user code function

There must be a file called Budapi.u32 for CancerGene to run appropriately. If this is missing or you suspect it is damaged, replace it with a new copy from the Online Download page.

I am getting R Errors

  • This frequently occurs when the IT people install CaGene for you. You must have full read and write access to the folder that CaGene is installed in. Ask your IT department to adjust the security settings to ensure you have full read/write access to that folder.
  • R is a separate program that is installed in the C:\Care_X/R_res folder when CaGene is installed. Information about R and a utility for checking that R is installed appropriately can be found by clicking on Info/About R.
  • The input file you are trying to load may be corrupt. This will happen if you use an older version of CaGene to open an input file that was created using the current version of CaGene. 
  • One of the mutation probability modifiers may be causing an error. Go to Setup/Set Parameters and deselect all of the mutation probability modifiers (e.g. oophorectomy. mutation testing, etc.). Now run the file that caused the R-error. Add back the mutation probability modifiers one at a time until you have identified the one causing the problem.

If you are still having problems

If you have read through the troubleshooting information and are still having problems feel free to email me a description of the problem. Make sure you tell me what version of CaGene you are running and what operating system you use. It is frequently helpful to attach the input file that is causing problems (C:\brca\LastName.dat) and the BRCA.r.Rout, CRCA.r.Rout, and PACA.r.Rout files found in C:\Care_X.