Requesting CancerGene

CancerGene is available free of charge to health care providers. It must be understood that CancerGene is provided as-is without warranties or guarantees of any kind.

System and Software Requirements

CancerGene was developed for PCs running Windows 2000, NT, or XP. A color setting of 256 displays the original colors. The newer versions are processor-intensive and run best on newer, faster machines. CaGene occupies 18.7MB of memory on your C:\drive. CancerGene provides a graphical interface for a relational database constructed in Microsoft Access (Access 97). An empty database is provided but the user must have a working copy of Microsoft Access (version 97 or later) to use the database. Running the CancerGene setup program should automatically configure the ODBC drivers on your computer so that CancerGene can talk with Microsoft Access. If you get error messages when trying to access the database, you will have to manually reconfigure your ODBC driver.

There are two ways to get CancerGene

Register online and download the site (recommended)


Request a CD-ROM

  • Download the license agreement.
  • Complete and sign the licensing agreement.
  • Make sure to include your postal and email addresses on the agreement.
  • Mail the agreement to: Division of Surgical Oncology, UT Southwestern Medical Center, 5323 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX 75390-9155
  • You may also fax a signed agreement to 214-648-7965.