Current research projects of the Burn/Trauma/Critical Care faculty include (by faculty name):

Joseph Minei, M.D.

  • ROC Grant
  • HBOC Trial
  • Hypertonic HBOC
  • Gender and Complication
  • Genetic Predictors of Infection in Burn Patient

John Hunt, M.D.

Topical Anti-Infectious Agents in Burn Patients

Brett Arnoldo, M.D.

  • Electrical Injuries
  • Depression in Burn Patients

Herb Phelan, M.D.

  • VTE Prophylaxis after TBI
  • Pancreatic Injury
  • Red Cell Storage Lesions
  • Thoracic Damage Control Surgery
  • Training Models

Alex Eastman, M.D.

    • Pre Hospital Management
    • Law Enforcement Medicine
    • Vascular Trauma
    • Endovascular Management of the trauma patient
    • Perception of Genetic Research

    Joshua Gatson, Ph.D.

    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Treatment of Sports Related Concussions
    • Plaque Formation in the Brain

    Ryan Huebinger, Ph.D.

      • Infectious complications after Burn Injury
      • Alzheimer's Research

      Qun Zang, Ph.D.

      Sepsis-Induced Myocardia/Inflammation and Cardiac Dysfunction