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Joseph Minei, M.D., M.B.A.
Professor and Chief, Burn/Trauma/Critical Care

Patricia Bergen, M.D., Professor

Deborah Carlson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 

Michael Cripps, M.D., Assistant Professor

Larry Gentilello, M.D., Professor

Brett D. Arnoldo, M.D., Professor

Stephen Luk, M.D., Associate Professor

Alex Eastman, M.D., Assistant Professor

Joshua Gatson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Christian Minshall, M.D., Associate Professor

Herb Phelan, M.D., Associate Professor

Brian Williams, M.D., Assistant Professor

Steven Wolf, M.D., Professor

Qun Zang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Ryan M. Huebinger, Ph.D., Instructor Research