Pre-Clinical Imaging Program

The mission of the Pre-Clinical Imaging Program is to develop, implement, and validate novel approaches to characterizing disease noninvasively to allow rational optimized therapy. Our methods focus on MRI, but with additional integrated applications of optical and radionuclide imaging. We provide access, training, and service in bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging as well as ultrasound microscopy. Research endeavors range from the laboratory bench to pre-clinical animal investigations and translation to clinical studies.

The overarching goal of our research is the development of prognostic imaging signatures defining biomarkers of disease progression and response to therapy. Methods are developed in pre-clinical studies and translated to human clinical applications.

Noting diversity of tissue characteristics and response to therapy, there is a vital need to define disease beyond the traditional staging of location, size, and spread. We believe a better understanding of pathophysiology, protein, and gene expression can guide optimized individualized therapy.

Our goals are to integrate state-of-the-art instrumentation and applications to facilitate technique development based on physics, chemistry, and molecular biology.