Residency Application Process and FAQs


All applications must be submitted through ERAS and the National Resident Matching Program.     

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you accept applications from foreign Medical Graduates? We accept and review applications from medical school graduates from all accredited medical and osteopathic schools.
  • What about visas? At this time we are only able to accept applications from candidates who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents (green card holders), or J1 visa holders.
  • What are cut-offs for Step scores and grade point average (GPA)? All applicants are evaluated on their individual merits. We do not have predetermined levels for test scores or GPA.
  • How many letters of recommendation do I need to provide? We require three letters of recommendation as well as a Dean’s letter, all of which should be provided through ERAS.
  • Can I send additional information, such as articles and PowerPoint presentations? Please do not send any additional information unless it is specifically requested. We will let you know if additional information is needed.
  • Can I make a presentation when I interview or come early to do a presentation? Because not all applicants are able to spend extra time to give individual presentations, we are not able to offer the opportunity to some applicants to do presentations. There is not sufficient time on the interview days for presentations. 
  • How many applicants will you be interviewing? We anticipate interviewing 15 to 30 applicants each year, depending upon the number of positions available.
  • When are the interviews? Interviews are generally held in December and January; exact dates are posted when available.
  • Do you offer internship positions? What type of internship is acceptable? Our Radiation Oncology Residency Training Program begins with PGY-2, and we do not offer PGY-1 as part of our Residency Program. ACGME radiation oncology requirements call for the first year of postgraduate clinical training to be spent in internal medicine, family practice, ob/gyn, surgery or surgical specialties, pediatrics, a categorical radiation oncology year, or a transitional year program.
  • Do you offer electives for medical students? We offer four-week electives in Radiation Oncology through UT Southwestern. Contact Residency Program Coordinator Susan Brown at for additional information.
  • Who should I contact at UT Southwestern if I still have questions about your program? Please email any additional questions to our Residency Program Coordinator, Susan Brown, at