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Steve Jiang Steve Jiang, Ph.D. steve.jiang@utsouthwestern.edu
Professor, Vice Chair and Medical Physics Director, Barbara Crittenden Professorship in Cancer Research
Phone: 214-645-8510
Research Interest: GPU and cloud-based automatic treatment planning; adaptive radiotherapy
Yulong Yan Yulong Yan, Ph.D. yulong.yan@utsouthwestern.edu
Associate Professor and Computational Physics Director
Phone: 214-645-7636
Research Interest: Novel treatment planning technologies; clinic-oriented applications; DICOM; SRS
Paul Medin Paul Medin, Ph.D. paul.medin@utsouthwestern.edu
Associate Professor and Medical Physics Residency Program Director
Phone: 214-645-8591
Research Interest: Stereotactic delivery technology and research; tissue tolerance in high-dose, single-fraction delivery
Xun Jia Xun Jia, Ph.D. xun.jia@utsouthwestern.edu
Associate Professor
Phone: 214-648-5032
Research Interest: 3-D/4-D computed tomography reconstruction; Monte Carlo dose calculations
Jing Wang Jing Wang, Ph.D. jing.wang@utsouthwestern.edu
Associate Professor
Phone: 214-648-1795
Research Interest: Cone-beam computed tomography; image-guided radiation therapy;image analysis; tomographic image reconstruction
Brian Hrycushko Brian Hrycushko, Ph.D. brian.hrycushko@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-645-7773
Research Interest: Normal tissue tolerance; stereotactic radiotherapy; radionuclide therapy; brachytherapy
Yang Park Yang Park , Ph.D. yangkyun.park@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-648-5467
Research Interest: CBCT, motion management, open source software
Robert Reynolds Robert Reynolds, Ph.D. robert.reynolds@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-648-6421
Ming Yang Ming Yang, Ph.D. ming.yang@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-648-5057
Research Interest: Proton dose calculation and optimization; dual energy computed tomography
Troy Long Troy Long, Ph.D. troy.long@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-648-3152
Research Interest: Novel treatment planning techniques and plan optimization, adaptive and spatiotemporal planning
Da Luo Da Luo, Ph.D. da.luo@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-648-6447
Research Interest: Clinical Process Automation, RTLS, Treatment Planning
Zhen Tian Zhen Tian, Ph.D. zhen.tian@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-648-5419
Research Interest: Dose calculation; online adaptive radiotherapy
Yiping  Shao Yiping Shao, Ph.D. yiping.shao@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-645-1274
Research Interest: Nuclear imaging technology and application for molecular imaging and radiotherapy
Arnold Pompos Arnold Pompos, Ph.D. arnold.pompos@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor and Interim Clinical Director
Phone: 214-645-7663
Research Interest: Heavy particle interactions; microdosimetry; Monte Carlo simulations
Chuxiong Ding Chuxiong Ding, Ph.D. chuxiong.ding@utsouthwestern.edu
Associate Professor
Phone: 214-648-5059
Research Interest: Image-guided radiotherapy; stereotactic radiation therapy
Weiguo Lu Weiguo Lu, Ph.D. weiguo.lu@utsouthwestern.edu
Associate Professor
Phone: 214-648-9517
Research Interest: Next-generation treatment planning, high performance (GPU) computing, adaptive radiotherapy
Xuejun Gu Xuejun Gu, Ph.D. xuejun.gu@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-648-6543
Research Interest: Online adaptive radiotherapy; image registration; small animal imaging
Mu-Han Lin Mu-Han Lin, Ph.D. mu-han.lin@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-645-8587
Research Interest: Clinical implementation of novel treatment technologies; stereotactic radiotherapy; Monte Carlo simulation
Andrei Pugachev Andrei Pugachev, Ph.D. andrei.pugachev@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-648-9538
Research Interest: Molecular imaging for radiation therapy, pre-clinical validation of novel PET tracers
Strahinja Stojadinovic Strahinja Stojadinovic, Ph.D. strahinja.stojadinovic@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-645-7677
Research Interest: Preclinical delivery technologies; stereotactic radiotherapy; IMRT QA; brachytherapy
Bo Zhao Bo Zhao, Ph.D. bo.zhao@utsouthwestern.edu
Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-645-7774
Research Interest: Image-guided radiation therapy; stereotactic body radiation therapy
Nan Qin Nan Qin, Ph.D. nan.qin@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-648-5407
Research Interest: Monte Carlo dose calculation; particle therapy; treatment plan optimization
Jun Tan Jun Tan, Ph.D. jun.tan@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-648-5058
Research Interest: Clinical workflow efficiency, plan QA, patient safety, medical imaging, data mining
Yuncheng Zhong Yuncheng Zhong, Ph.D. yuncheng.zhong@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-645-1336
Research Interest: Computer simulation and system integration of cone-beam CT and PET; image reconstruction

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Mingli Chen Mingli Chen mingli.chen@utsouthwestern.edu
Senior Research Scientist
Phone: 214-648-9539
Xiao  Liang Xiao Liang, M.S. xiao.liang@utsouthwestern.edu
Research Assistant
Phone: 214-648-5407

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Hongxia Hao Hongxia Hao hongxia.hao@utsouthwestern.edu
Visiting Instructor
Phone: 214-648-2224
Xi Chen Xi Chen, Ph.D. xi2.chen@utsouthwestern.edu
Visiting Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-648-5618
Shulong Li Shulong Li, Ph.D. shulong.li@utsouthwestern.edu
Visiting Assitant Professor
Phone: 214-64N-one
Xin Zhen Xin Zhen, Ph.D. xin.zhen@utsouthwestern.edu
Visiting Assistant Professor
Phone: 214-648-6452

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Raina Brooks Raina Brooks raina.brooks@utsouthwestern.edu
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 214-645-2689
Melinda Quintero Melinda Quintero melinda.quintero@utsouthwestern.edu
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 214-648-6444
Sarah Sandle Sarah Sandle sarah.sandle@utsouthwestern.edu
Division Administrator
Phone: 214-645-7019
Gabrielle Hawthorne Gabrielle Hawthorne, MHA gabrielle.hawthorne@utsouthwestern.edu
Senior Administrative Assistant
Phone: 214-645-8523
Lezlie Britton Lezlie Britton lezlie.britton@utsouthwestern.edu
Education Coordinator
Phone: 214-645-2568

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Ashlei Johnson Ashlei Johnson ashlei.johnson@utsouthwestern.edu
Accountant III
Phone: 214-645-8441
Charles Samuel Charles Samuel charles.samuel@utsouthwestern.edu
Accountant III
Phone: 214-648-6071

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Da Luo Da Luo, Ph.D. da.luo@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-648-6447
Research Interest: Clinical Process Automation, RTLS, Treatment Planning
Michael Folkerts Michael Folkerts, C.Phil. michael.folkerts@utsouthwestern.edu
Programmer Analyst III
Phone: 214-648-6447
Jun Tan Jun Tan, Ph.D. jun.tan@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-648-5058
Research Interest: Clinical workflow efficiency, plan QA, patient safety, medical imaging, data mining
Alicia  Yingling Alicia Yingling alicia.yingling@utsouthwestern.edu
Department Programming Analyst
Phone: 214-648-6447

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Erdal Sipahi Erdal Sipahi erdal.sipahi@utsouthwestern.edu
Senior Information Resources Manager
Phone: 214-645-7608
Mike McAtee Mike McAtee michael.mcatee@utsouthwestern.edu
Software Systems Specialist III
Phone: 214-645-8585
Tiandrea Dixon Tiandrea Dixon tiandrea.dixon@utsouthwestern.edu
Department Systems Administrator II
Phone: 214-645-2688
Nathan Hooper Nathan Hooper nathan.hooper@utsouthwestern.edu
Department Systems Engineer
Phone: 214-648-1270
Jonathan Foisset Jonathan Foisset jonathan.foisset@utsouthwestern.edu
Department Systems Administrator III
Phone: 214-645-9364
Lee Jackson Lee Jackson leej.jackson@utsouthwestern.edu
Department Systems Administrator I
Phone: 214-645-8545

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Glenn Garza Glenn Garza marvin.garza@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-645-8580
Ryan Reed Ryan Reed ryan.reed@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-645-5827
Richard Lamphier Richard Lamphier richard.lamphier@utsouthwestern.edu
Phone: 214-645-8555

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Ezequiel Ramirez Ezequiel Ramirez ezequiel.ramirez@utsouthwestern.edu
Chief Dosimetrist
Phone: 214-645-8543
Irma Corona Irma Corona irma.corona@utsouthwestern.edu
Dosimetrist II
Phone: 214-645-8542
Jeffrey Dubas Jeffrey Dubas jeffrey.dubas@utsouthwestern.edu
Dosimetrist II
Phone: 214-645-8544
Huichen "Pam" Lee Huichen "Pam" Lee pam.lee@utsouthwestern.edu
Dosimetrist II
Phone: 214-645-7672
Vincent Lanza Vincent Lanza vincent.lanza@utsouthwestern.edu
Dosimetrist I
Phone: 214-645-8593
John "Chris" Brooks John "Chris" Brooks john.brooks@utsouthwestern.edu
Dosimetrist II
Phone: 214-645-7616
Jonathan Dougherty Jonathan Dougherty jonathan.dougherty@utsouthwestern.edu
Dosimetrist II
Phone: 214-645-7652
Romona Duncan Romona Duncan romona.frame@utsouthwestern.edu
Dosimetrist II
Phone: 214-645-5730
Brendan Scott Brendan Scott brendan.scott@utsouthwestern.edu
Dosimetrist II
Phone: 214-645-8593

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Anh Le Anh Le, Ph.D. anh.le@utsouthwestern.edu
3rd Year Medical Physics Resident
Phone: 214-645-7618
You Zhang You Zhang, Ph.D. you.zhang@utsouthwestern.edu
2nd Year Medical Physics Resident
Phone: 214-645-2699
Tsuicheng (David) Chiu Tsuicheng (David) Chiu, Ph.D. tsuicheng.chiu@utsouthwestern.edu
1st Year Medical Physics Resident
Phone: 214-648-3152
Alfonso  Rodriguez Alfonso Rodriguez, Ph.D. alfonso1.rodriguez@utsouthwestern.edu
1st Year Medical Physics Resident
Phone: 214-648-0791
Reza Taleei Reza Taleei, Ph.D. reza.taleei@utsouthwestern.edu
2nd Year Medical Physics Resident
Phone: 214-645-7638
Matthew Brenner Matthew Brenner, Ph.D. matthew.brenner@utsouthwestern.edu
1st Year Medical Physics Resident
Phone: 214-648-3152
Faraz Kalantari Mahmoudabadi Faraz Kalantari Mahmoudabadi, Ph.D. faraz.kalantarimahmoudabadi@utsouthwestern.edu
1st Year Medical Physics Resident
Phone: 214-648-2207

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Mason Anders Mason Anders, Ph.D. mason.anders@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-5407
Liyuan Chen Liyuan Chen, Ph.D. liyuan.chen@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-2197
Yujie Chi Yujie Chi, Ph.D. yujie.chi@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-5407
Peter Klages Peter Klages, Ph.D. peter.klages@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-5407
Timothy Rozario Timothy Rozario, Ph.D. timothy.rozario@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-3152
Deepak Shrestha Deepak Shrestha, Ph.D. deepak.shrestha@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-2097
Jina Chang Jina Chang, Ph.D. jina.chang@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-3152
Xinyi Cheng Xinyi Cheng xinyi.cheng@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-645-1336
Nima Hassan Rezaeian Nima Hassan Rezaeian, Ph.D. nima.hassan-rezaeian@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-5407
Shanzhou Niu Shanzhou Niu, Ph.D. shanzhou.niu@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-2079
Chenyang  Shen Chenyang Shen, Ph.D. chenyang.shen@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-5407
Zhiguo Zhou Zhiguo Zhou, Ph.D. zhiguo.zhou@utsouthwestern.edu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Phone: 214-648-4226

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Bin Li Bin Li binx.li@utsouthwestern.edu
Visiting Junior Researcher
Phone: 214-648-5407
Xiaokun  Huang Xiaokun Huang xiaokun.huang@utsouthwestern.edu
GSR- Biomedical Engineering
Phone: 214-648-2325
Chaoqiong Ma Chaoqiong Ma chaoqiong.ma@utsouthwestern.edu
Visiting Junior Researcher
Phone: 214-648-3152

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Luo Ouyang Luo Ouyang, Ph.D.
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2016), Medical Physicist, Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Travis  Jacobson Travis Jacobson
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2015), Assistant Professor, Wake Forest School of Medicine

Robert Reynolds Robert Reynolds, Ph.D.
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2014), Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern

Brian Hrycushko Brian Hrycushko
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2013), Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern Medical Center

Joseph Dugas Joseph Dugas
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2011), Medical Physicist, Willis-Knighton Cancer Center

Matthew Webster Matthew Webster, Ph.D.
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2016)

Holly Johnston Holly Johnston
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2015), Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine

Heming Zhen Heming Zhen
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2014), Assistant Professor, Rush University Medical Center

Qinan Bao Qinan Bao
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2012), Medical Physicist, Torrance Memorial Medical Center

Michael  Speiser Michael Speiser
Medical Physics Resident Alum. (2010), Chief Physicist, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center