Research and Editorial Activities

The Ethics Program in the Department of Psychiatry at UT Southwestern is home to ongoing research and numerous editorial activities. Faculty research interests are diverse and often reach across the disciplines.

John Z. Sadler, M.D.

Works in Progress

  • Vice and Psychiatric Diagnosis
    • One of the important insights from my 2005 book, Values and Psychiatric Diagnosis (Oxford University Press), is that psychiatric diagnostic categories in the DSMs are often “vice-laden,” meaning that concepts and criteria have social meanings involving wrongful thought and conduct and even criminal conduct. In this current follow-up project, I ask questions about the significance of vice-laden psychiatric categories, why some vice-laden categories (such as conduct disorder or pedophilia) appear, and why other vices do not, and what, if anything, should be done about vice-laden psychiatric concepts. This is a major book project. This publication provides a nice overview: Sadler, J.Z. 2008. Vice and the diagnostic classification of mental disorders: A philosophical case conference. Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology 15(1):1-17.

Current Projects  

  • Medical Students’ Dark Hours of The Soul
    • I doubt this will be the final title to this qualitative research project, but this project, done in collaboration with the UT Southwestern Colleges Directors group, will be examining hundreds of deidentified third-year medical students’ reflective essays, which focus on ethical and professional issues (positive and negative) encountered on various clerkship sites. Currently we are learning to use the CDC’s AnSWR software and will be reading and coding prevailing themes raised by the students in their essays. We hope to capture a near-complete sample of the hundreds of essays completed by our students on their third-year clerkship rotations.

Editorial Activities and Scholarly Activities

  • Co-editor, (with K. W. M. Fulford) of Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology (Johns Hopkins University Press)
  • Co-editor (with K. W. M. Fulford, Katherine Morris, & Giovanni Stanghellini) of the Oxford University Press book series,“International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry
  • Co-editor (with K. W. M. Fulford and Paul Hoff) of the annual section on “History and philosophy” for Current Opinion in Psychiatry (Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)
  • At-large member, NIH Clinical-Translational Science Award National Consortium, Clinical Research Ethics Key Function Operations Committee.
  • 1992–Present Reviewer, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy
  • 19931995 Contributing Editor, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
  • 1993Present Co-Editor and Reviewer, Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology
  • 1994Present Reviewer, Academic Medicine
  • 1995Present Reviewer, Academic Psychiatry
  • 1996Present Reviewer, Journal of Abnormal Psychology
  • 2000Present Reviewer, American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
  • 2000Present Co-Editor, History and Philosophy Section of Current Opinion in Psychiatry (D.J. Kupfer and N. Sartorius, Editors)
  • 2002Present Member, Editorial Board, Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology
  • 2006Present Member, Editorial Board, Philosophy, Ethics, & Humanities in Medicine (online)
  • 2008Present Member, Editorial Board, Journal für Philosophie & Psychiatrie
  • 2009Present Reviewer, American Journal of Psychiatry
  • 2009Present Reviewer, Philosophical Psychology
  • 2009Present Reviewer, CyberPsychology

Scholarly Associations

Recent Division Publications

  • Beskow, L.M., Grady, C., Iltis, A.S., Sadler, J.Z., and Wilfond, B.S.: 2009. Points to consider: The research ethics consultation service and the IRB. IRB: Ethics & Human Research 31(6):1-9.
  • Brandon, A.R., Shivakumar, G., Craddock Lee, S., Inrig, S.J., and Sadler, J.Z. 2009. Ethical issues in perinatal mental health research. Current Opinion in Psychiatry 99(6):601-606.
  • Brandon, A.R., Shivakumar, G., Inrig, S.J., Craddock Lee, S., and Sadler, J.Z. 2009. The cost of restricting knowledge. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 70(9):1320.
  • Sadler, J.Z., Jotterand, F., Craddock Lee, S., and Inrig, S. 2009. Can medicalization be good? Situating medicalization within bioethics. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 30: 411-425.

Gerald Casenave, Ph.D.

Works in Progress

  • Degrees of separation and relatedness of living donors
  • Souls and transplants in the post mind/body split era

Current Projects

  • Living donor selection algorithm and ethical guidelines development

Editorial Activities and Scholarly Associations