Autism Center

The UT Southwestern Autism Center is dedicated to developing new knowledge about cognitive and behavioral problems associated with autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders. In our clinical work, we use neuropsychological assessments and systematic review of behavioral features and pertinent medical issues to diagnose autism spectrum disorders and to organize treatment plans. 

In our clinical research programs, we evaluate causes of cognitive and behavioral problems using neurocognitive testing, EEG, eye movement studies and MRI scans. Secondly, we conduct clinical trials with novel pharmacologic approaches designed to enhance and preserve functional abilities. Third, we conduct family genetic research using dense phenotyping strategies to resolve the etiological heterogeneity of autism spectrum disorders. 

These clinical research programs work collaboratively with basic neuroscience laboratories across the university. Medical students, graduate students, residents, psychology interns, and postdoctoral fellows train in the Center. We have a monthly seminar series open to the professional community in which we discuss new research findings and individual patients presenting with neurodevelopmental disorders. For additional information on clinical evaluation and treatment programs in the Autism Center, please see the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities and Crystal Charity Ball Autism Projects and the Callier Center for Communication Disorders.