National Children’s Study

The National Children's Study (NCS) is an ambitious and extensive national longitudinal study of the health of 100,000 children in 105 counties throughout the U.S., which will be conducted through the coordination of multiple institutions that serve as the prime contractors for the respective counties.

The North Texas Children’s Study Coalition (NTCSC) is a consortium of four institutions (UT Southwestern, UT Health Science Center Tyler [UTHSCT], UT Health Science Center Houston School of Public Health Regional Campus in Dallas [UTHSCH], and Battelle Memorial Institute) working together to conduct studies of the families in Lamar Country Texas, including such information as environmental data from home, neighborhood and country; socio-demographic data and health history from mothers and fathers; fetal ultrasounds during the pregnancy of mothers; and, of prime importance, biologic and other health-related data from 1,000 children followed from fetal life to 21 years.

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