Fellowship Benefits and Stipend

Benefits for Neonatal–Perinatal Fellows

  • Three weeks of personal leave (time off) per year
  • Ten days of sick leave per year
  • Non-employee status at UT Southwestern
  • Health coverage (medical, vision, and dental benefits) fully covered by the institution for you and your family
  • Long-term care coverage available, if you elect to pay
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Meal allowance for on-call duties
  • $1,000 yearly education allowance
  • Yearly in-training examination in neonatal-perinatal medicine (American Board of Pediatrics)

The Neonatal–Perinatal Fellowship Program supports fellows' research and encourages them to present their research at national meetings. The Department of Pediatrics supports trips to national meetings for fellows who have an original presentation.

Stipend for Neonatal–Perinatal Fellows

The yearly stipend is based on the number of years of postgraduate training, which generally corresponds to PGY–4, PGY5, PGY6, and PGY7.

PGY-4 $63,767
PGY5 $66,319
PGY6 $68,997
PGY7 $71,385