Amatruda Lab

James F. Amatruda, MD, PhD
James F. Amatruda, M.D., Ph.D.

Cancer Genetics in the Zebrafish

The major goal of our lab is to understand the earliest steps in cancer at a molecular level. Our focus is on defining novel cancer genes and on understanding the developmental biology of tumors. To accomplish this, we have turned to the zebrafish system. The zebrafish is a wonderful complement to mouse, fly, worm, and other disease models. The fish produce large numbers of progeny weekly and are easily maintained, allowing us to take large-scale, genome-wide approaches. The transparent embryos develop external to the mother and are accessible to manipulation with transgenic or antisense approaches. At the same time, fish have true vertebrate anatomy and physiology, and are susceptible to the same tumors as are humans, making them an excellent cancer model.

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