Patient Care

The Division of General Pediatrics provides both inpatient and outpatient care at Children’s Medical Center.

Division faculty staff both the inpatient teaching service and provide outpatient care and consultation in eight specialized clinics.

Adolescent and Young Adult Service (AYA)

  • Dedicated to improving adolescent health through health care delivery, education, and research
  • Staffed by faculty with special interest and training in the areas of Adolescent and Sports Medicine
  • Cares for patients 11-21 years old and welcomes referrals from community physicians and clinics
  • Approximately 3,000 annual visits
  • Research interests include racial ethnic disparities and the Human Papilloma Virus
  • Faculty contacts: May Lau, M.D. and Jennifer Walsh, M.D.

Referral and Evaluation of At Risk Children Program (REACH)

  • Staffed by a board-certified child abuse pediatrician, general pediatricians with extensive experience in child abuse medical evaluations, experienced pediatric nurse practitioners and social workers, a child life specialist, and program coordinators
  • Provides medical evaluations of cases of suspected child physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect
  • Medical evaluations are done in the inpatient setting, emergency department, at Parkland Memorial Hospital's burn unit, or in the outpatient REACH Clinic
  • Provides medical education to medical students, pediatric residents, and the local medical community on topics related to child abuse medical evaluations
  • Hosts a monthly educational program known as Child Abuse and Neglect Grand Rounds on a variety of medical topics related to child abuse and neglect; CME and CNE credits offered for attendees; Grand Rounds talks are attended by a multidisciplinary audience that includes medical staff, local advocates groups, child protective services, attorneys, and law enforcement agencies; monthly sessions occur on the first Friday of the month at 8:30 a.m. between September and June
  • Medical providers and social workers work closely with child protection services and law-enforcement agencies through North Texas to help identify and protect abused and neglected children; REACH is closely linked with the Dallas Children's Advocacy Center and the Children's Advocacy Center of Collin County; REACH medical team also works with Child Protective Services throughout North Texas to provide expert medical case review and assessments on a variety of cases (a program known as the Forensic Assessment Center Network); REACH providers are called to testify in criminal and family court proceedings regularly to educate juries and judges on the medical issues involved in cases of child abuse and neglect
  • Developing a subspecialty fellowship in Child Abuse Pediatrics to train young pediatricians in this new subspecialty
  • Expanding research efforts in areas aimed at improving the identification of abuse and the primary and secondary prevention of child abuse
  • Faculty contact: Matthew Cox, M.D.

The Child Abuse program at UT Southwestern and Children's is poised to help improve the lives of victimized children in North Texas by being a strong advocate and medical voice for this vulnerable population.

First Care Clinic

  • Evaluates acute, non-emergent ambulatory patients
  • Faculty supervise pediatric residents and support the educational objectives in the curriculum through patient care, informal lectures, and teaching conferences
  • Provides acute and well-child care for Continuity Clinic patients
  • Faculty contact: Michael Lee, M.D.

Foster Care Service

  • Dedicated exclusively to providing comprehensive primary medical care for children in the custody of Child Protective Services
  • Provides placement exams, medical homes, and pre-adoption physicals for children from infancy to age 19 living in out-of-home placement due to child abuse or neglect
  • Staffed by faculty and pediatric nurse practitioners experienced in treating children who are in foster care as a result of abuse or neglect
  • Clinicians work with Child Protective Services and community agencies to optimize each child’s health, health care, safety and well-being
  • Serves any child in foster or kinship care, regardless of county of residence
  • Approximately 1,600 annual visits
  • Faculty contact: Anu Partap, M.D. 

General Inpatient Service

  • Cares for children hospitalized for acute general pediatric conditions
  • Staffed by attending pediatricians who are division faculty members
  • Provides care whether or not the referring physician has hospital admitting privileges
  • Faculty direct patient care and communicate with referring physicians after admission
  • Inpatient consultations for general pediatrics are also provided
  • Faculty contact: Vineeta Mittal, M.D.

Pediatric Diagnostic and Consultation Service

  • Available for referral of patients by primary-care physicians and specialists
  • Targets patients whose initial diagnosis and symptoms require further evaluation, who do not meet the criteria for a subspecialty clinic, and for whom a second opinion is desired
  • Aims to support and resolve diagnostic dilemmas by addressing specialized medical needs through treatment, management, and coordination with the patient's primary care provider

 Crystal Charity Ball Continuity of Care Clinic 

  • Staffed by division faculty
  • The location for the pediatric residency program’s training in primary ambulatory continuous care, providing comprehensive care to both well and chronically ill children
  • All third-year medical students rotate through the clinic each year 
  • Patient clinic includes newborn babies and patients referred by our pediatric residents
  • Approximately 10,000 annual visits
  • Most patients are covered by Medicaid or CHIP
  • Patients represent a variety of racial/ethnic groups
  • Interpretation services in multiple languages and for the hearing impaired are provided
  • The site for many clinical research studies; an integrated database, linked to patient registration and the discharge diagnosis, allows for comprehensive tracking and follow-up of all patients
  • Continuity of Care clinics also operate through the Parkland Memorial Hospital system’s Community Oriented Primary Care facilities and at Los Barrios Community Clinic
  • Faculty contact: Nancy Kelly, M.D., M.P.H.

Unique Patient Services

Medical-Legal Partnership for Children (MLP)

  • Aims to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable individuals, children, and families by integrating legal services into the medical setting
  • Medical personnel screen for and identify social determinants that adversely affect patients and families
  • On-site lawyers then provide advice, brief services, and representation of patients and families in specific areas of poverty law, such as housing, public benefits, and special education
  • Trains and educates pediatric residents and health personnel to:
    • Screen for basic unmet needs
    • Encourage families to seek support
    • Consult with a legal partner
  • Faculty contact: Shelby Joseph, M.D.

Together, doctors and lawyers collaborate to address social determinants of health and seek to eliminate barriers to health care to help our patients meet their basic needs and stay healthy.

Reach Out and Read

  • Developed by pediatricians and early childhood educators to make literacy promotion a part of regular pediatric checkups so that children enter school prepared to excel; exposure to books and reading in the first years of life increases the probability of both healthy child development and school success
  • Because of the Reach Out and Read program, our residents go beyond traditional medical care and provide parents with information on how to read to children at each developmental stage
  • Along with advice, they give each young patient an age- and culturally appropriate book to take home, to encourage parents to make reading aloud a routine activity.
  • In 2009, the program gave out 825 books to children during their primary care visits
  • Program expansion is possible through the help of volunteer readers, community collaborations with various literacy organizations, and donations from local organizations
  • Faculty contact: Shelby Joseph, M.D.