Residency: Salaries and Benefits

Residents in Obstetrics and Gynecology receive a salary and benefits from Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Residents are allowed 15 days of vacation annually. Yearly, they may take up to two weeks of paid sick leave (non-cumulative) and an additional six weeks of unpaid sick leave under the care of a physician. Maternity and paternity leave are available following ABOG guidelines and requirements.

The Parkland Health & Hospital System does not participate in the retirement/disability portion of Social Security, so you will be required to participate in Parkland's retirement plan as a full-time employee. Your contribution is 4.5 percent of your base salary. Upon completion of your residency, you will receive all of your contributions plus interest if you have been employed less than five years.

Group Medical insurance is through the Texas Medical Association (TMA) or Parkland Health & Hospital System (EPO). The Dallas County Hospital District provides malpractice insurance for resident physicians. Long-term disability insurance is available.