Neuroscience Imaging Laboratory

The Neuroscience Imaging Laboratory is a research project-oriented core laboratory rather than a fee-for-service facility. We maintain shared imaging and morphology resources for our department (confocal microscope, stereomicroscope, cryostat, ultramicrotome, image data NAS server and other imaging/morphology related equipment).

We offer training to new users in the use of departmental shared imaging equipment. After a training session, the use of the confocal microscope can be reserved using the log/schedule system.

Please note: The use of shared resources are exclusively for lab personnel in the Neuroscience department.


We also specialize in real-time, long-term gene expression imaging using luciferase reporters in cell/tissue culture. Our group has pioneered the use of firefly luciferase to continuously monitor circadian gene expression in cultured tissues/cells for days to months.

We welcome collaborations and consultation/training for luminescence imaging for laboratories outside of the Neuroscience Department or UTSW.

For collaborations, we provide:

  • Consultation for designing and building imaging apparatus 
  • Consultation for choosing the appropriate reporter for the experimental design
  • Training and troubleshooting tissue and cell culture for live cell time-lapse imaging
  • Consultation for optimum culture and recording conditions for various reporter genes