Neuroscience Clinical Research Center

The Neuroscience Clinical Research Center (NCRC) facilitates and enhances quality clinical research in the Department of Neurology and Neurotherapeutics. The NCRC provides clinic space, equipment, personnel, and other resources so that principal investigators can conduct clinical research trials with ease.

We strive to increase the recruitment of high-quality, cost-effective clinical trials, whether they are government/ industry-sponsored or investigator-initiated.

Additionally, we want to provide patients with access to cutting-edge clinical research opportunities.

Our Services

  • Pool of research nurses and coordinators
  • Exam room availability
  • Contract support including budget negotiations
  • Grant identification and preparation including writing and administrative support
  • IRB preparation and regulatory support
  • Research nurse/coordinator training

For more information, click here if you are on campus. For those off-campus who would like to learn more about the NCRC, call 214-648-5437.

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