FAQs about our ADC

Q. What types of research studies do you offer at your ADC?

A. At our Alzheimer’s Disease Center we conduct a variety of studies focused on the investigation of brain changes with healthy aging, Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), and other cognitive disorders, such as Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). Some of these studies are only observational (meaning these is no treatment given) while others studies involve some type of treatment. You can read about some of our studies on our Research Resources page.

Q. Who runs these studies?

 A. Our research studies are coordinated by a multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, and study coordinators who all specialize in memory disorders. Our team is available to each study participant to assist with any questions or issues that arise during participation in our studies. Each participant is an important member of the research team.

Q. Are there any costs involved in participating in a study?

A. There is no financial cost to you or your health insurance provider for participating in the research. Some of our studies may even offer compensation to you for your travel and time!

Q. How does participating in a research study help me?

A. While no study can guarantee to offer a direct benefit to each participant, we can assure you that each person who participates does improve our understanding of memory disorders and how best to treat them. Most participants in our Alzheimer’s disease studies say that they participate with the hope that researchers may be able to find a way to treat and stop this disease before any other generation of their family members develop AD.

Q. Where is the ADC/Memory Research Unit located?

A. Our center is in the James W. Aston Ambulatory Care Center, 5303 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, Texas, 75390, 4th Floor. Map

Q. Who should I call to find out more about the studies that are open to enrollment?

A. Please call 214-648-9376 or you may get the contact information for a specific study by going to our research study page.

Q. My husband is enrolled in the Brain Tissue Donation Program through your ADC. Where can I find more information about brain autopsy after death for research purposes – who do I call at the time of death?

A. At the time of death, please call our Pathology Department at 214-648-2148. The participant’s next of kin will then need to sign the brain autopsy consent form, giving permission for the autopsy. Print a copy of the autopsy consent form

Q. How can we arrange to have memorial donations sent to your Alzheimer’s Disease Center?

Often, a family will ask us for information about making memorial donations to honor a loved one who participated in our studies here at the ADC. They may want to place this information in their obituary notice, for example, in lieu of flowers. You may make donations that will directly support ongoing Alzheimer’s research studies in the Memory Research Unit/Alzheimer’s Disease Center by following the process below.

Please make checks payable to: UT Southwestern Medical Center

Note on the memo line of the check: The doctor’s name from our center, such as  Myron Weiner, Mary Quiceno, Kyle Womack or Roger Rosenberg, whose research you would like to support.

The mailing address is:

UT Southwestern Medical Center
c/o  Memory Research Unit
Development Office
P.O. Box 910888
Dallas, TX 75391-0888

Include with the check the name of the individual in whose memory your donation is being made, as well as the name and address to which you would like our acknowledgement to be sent.

The Alzheimer’s Disease Center deeply appreciates all contributions to our research, through participation in our studies and through donations. Your support of our research has the potential to help find the cause and the cure for Alzheimer’s disease.