VA North Texas Health Care System Requirements

Welcome to the UT Southwestern and the VA North Texas Health Care System! We’re excited to have you as part of our wonderful Internal Medicine resident program. Listed below are all the VA onboarding requirements you must complete before you begin work at UT Southwestern on June 17, 2017. Some of the items can be completed online, while others will require you to visit the VA in person (either our VA or one in your town). Please review all the STEPS listed below thoroughly so you know what is expected of you in the coming two months. Some of the steps be done anytime (today!), and some might have to wait until you are in town doing your house-hunting. If you have any questions at all regarding the VA Onboarding items listed below, feel free to contact Vicky Robertson.

Steps 1-3 must be completed before your VA computer access can be requested. VA HR processing can be done starting in late March 2017 but must be completed no later than May 2017, in person in Dallas on either a Tuesday or Thursday between 9 – 11 a.m. or 1 – 3 p.m. Please take this into consideration as these deadlines are non-negotiable. A good time to accomplish this may be when you are visiting Dallas looking for housing.

Step 1: Dallas VA HR Processing

Please complete the following VA Forms and present them to HR (see map) in the following order:

  1. HR Processing can only be done at the Dallas VA in person on either a Tuesday or Thursday between 9 – 11 a.m. or 1 – 3 p.m. (no appointment is necessary).
  2. Bring your VA Forms (original and 1 copy) and 2 matching  government-issued IDs - originals (i.e., driver’s license, social security card, passport, originals only) you will go to the HR Department, Bldg. TT-51 to process in.
  3. After processing, if you have not been fingerprinted at your local VA, immediately go to be fingerprinted next door in Building TT-49.

Deadline is May 31, 2017.

Step 2: VA Fingerprinting

Courtesy fingerprinting can be done at your local VA Facility before you process in at the Dallas VA (please follow the steps below). Be sure to take the Memorandum Request Form and Courtesy SAC Form and two matching government-issued ID Forms (state-issued driver’s license, Social Security number, U.S. passport, etc., originals only). Fingerprinting can also be done at the Dallas VA (Building TT-49) if you are presently living in Dallas or visiting Dallas on a Tuesday and Thursday between 9–11 a.m. and 1–3 p.m.

Steps for Courtesy Fingerprinting

  1. Take the Courtesy Fingerprint Memo Request Form plus the SAC Form and two forms of matching government ID to your Local VA and be fingerprinted.
  2. Please notify Vicky Robertson when this step is completed.

Step 3: Mandatory VA TMS Training Course

You must complete the VA course entitled “Mandatory Training for Trainees, VA 3185966before your codes can be requested. Self-enroll using your Gmail or a permanent email address. To self-enroll, click on "CREATE NEW USER" using VA Location Code (NTX); VA POC First Name (Vicky); VA POC Last Name (Robertson); VA Point of Contact email address (, complete course, and print certificate. Please let us know if you have already self-enrolled at another VA and Vicky Robertson will request that your account be transferred to the Dallas VA. After completing the course, please print and email a copy of the certificate to Vicky Robertson.

Step 4: Additional Forms

Additional forms are needed for the Medical Service Administrative Office. Please email to Vicky Robertson.

Step 5: Name Badge/Non-PIV Card

After you start at the VA, you will be contacted by Vicky Robertson to have your picture taken in HR PIV Office (Building TT-49) for card. When you go to HR for the picture, take two forms of matching government ID (originals only). HR will notify us when your card is ready to be picked up and we will email you for pickup. This card will be used as:

  • Your VA name badge (use your UT Southwestern/Parkland name badge until you receive VA name badge)
  • To write outpatient narcotics
  • To log into the VA remotely

Step 6: VA Orientation and Computer Codes

Your will receive your access codes during your Internal Medicine Orientation at the VA in the Medical Service 8th floor conference room (Building. 2, Room B815). You will be provided transportation from the south campus of UT Southwestern to the VA on the morning of your VA day.