Frequently Asked Questions for Orientation

How do I get information on my employee benefits?

You will be considered employees of Parkland Health & Hospital System. As such, they will be proving your employee benefits. Many of your questions will be answered during Parkland’s orientation. However, if you would like specific information about the benefits you will be receiving, please refer to the emails sent to you from the Parkland GME Office as they will provide you with links to this information.

Are there services that will help me to relocate to Dallas?

Please see Renting and Buying in Dallas document.

How are vacations scheduled?

Vacation requests are granted as possible based on scheduling requests. All interns who submit vacation requests will have one week of vacation over the week of Thanksgiving, or one of the last two weeks of December. The remaining vacation will be a 2-week block. On your “Resident Information Form,” you will designate your top three dates for vacation preference. Also, please indicate which holiday you would prefer to have off. You will also be able to list specific reasons why dates are requested. Please be as specific as possible as we attempt to honor requests by their importance. Please note that vacation weeks start on a Saturday and end on a Friday. You will likely have clinical obligations the Friday preceding and the Saturday following your vacation dates. All attempts will be made to accommodate your requests; however, please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will get the vacation that you request.

Coordination of vacation requests with significant others between residency programs is possible but needs to be done well in advance. Please be specific about your significant other’s program and flexible when submitting your vacation request forms if you would like the Chief Residents to try to coordinate your vacation with someone from another program

If you do not get the vacation dates you requested or need to change your vacation dates after the schedule has been finalized, you may approach the Chief Residents to see if a schedule change is possible (often it is not). Exceptions are made for very important life events and we try to accommodate as much as possible.

As a preliminary intern, how do I handle the overlap between the end of intern year and the start of my advanced program?

There is a procedure in place for house staff needing to transition to another city or program to check out one week early without pay. This is usually addressed in the second half of the year. Any requirements from the program you will be going to can be discussed with the Chief Residents, and usually accommodations can be made for a smooth transition.

Where and when do I get my Parkland ID badge?

You may stop by the Parkland Police Department (located in the basement) beginning on Tuesday, June 16, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to have your photograph taken for your ID badge.

Where do I show up on my first day of work?

You will learn more about this and have the opportunity to ask questions during intern orientation. The chief residents will go into more detail regarding our online scheduling system so that you may determine where and with whom you will be working.

When do I get my pager?

You will receive your pager at the Parkland orientation.

Where and when is EPIC training?

EPIC training for Internal Medicine interns has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 24. You have been assigned to either a morning training session (7–11 a.m.) or an afternoon training session (Noon–4 p.m.). Specific assignments and the training location will be forwarded to you by Elizabeth Ponce from the Parkland GME Office. The majority of the training you get on EPIC during the designated day of intern orientation week will count for St. Paul University Hospital as well. Any additional EPIC training required for St. Paul University Hospital will occur during the orientation at St. Paul University Hospital.