General Residency Information

Parkland Health & Hospital System, UT Southwestern Medical Center, and the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center are three separate entities that have separate requirements (County vs. State vs. Federal). As such, please make careful note of which information is required by each office to ensure you have submitted all the necessary paperwork. There will be several instances in which the documentation required by Parkland and UT Southwestern are the same (USMLE Scores, ACLS cards, etc.) but at other times are different. We suggest keeping a careful checklist for each institution. Please feel free to contact our onboarding coordinator, Lynne Anderson, if there is any confusion; we are here to help.

  • Immunizations and required drug screening are to be completed 45-60 days prior to your hire date of June 16, 2018. Note: The results take several days, so early completion will prevent delays in the onboarding process. Appointments with Parkland’s Occupational Health will be accepted starting April 17 and the last appointment accepted is June 17. Placing a reminder on your calendar to schedule an appointment may help you keep track of these important dates.
  • You will receive your first paycheck on June 27, which will cover June 16–20. You are being paid effective June 16 for the time it will take for you to complete your mandatory online training modules, completion of all Occupational Health requirements, as well as attending the Internal Medicine Orientation week (June 20-29), and the campus-wide Orientation day (June 30 – location TBA). Your next paycheck will be issued on July 11 for pay period covering June 21–July 4. Payday is every other Tuesday. Direct deposit is mandatory.
  • You will require 3 separate ID badges as a resident at UT Southwestern:
    • Parkland Hospital ID Badge and UTSW ID Badge – Pictures for your Parkland Badge and your UTSW ID Badge will be taken during IM Orientation week. On Tuesday, June 20, you will have your photo made for the resident composite, so please dress accordingly (men should wear a tie).
    • VA Hospital Badge – Pictures will be taken AFTER you start your VA rotation.

Note: You will need to provide proof of identification such as a driver’s license or passport. Your badges will carry your legal name as shown on your Social Security card. No nicknames allowed.

Orientation Schedule

The Orientation Planning Committee, comprised of the GME offices from each training institution, have been working together since last fall to thoughtfully compile the relevant topics and identify the individuals most appropriate to develop content and deliver these important messages.

Such topics include: Clinical Documentation, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Pharmacy, Campus Safety, Infection Control, Information Security, Regulatory Compliance, Nursing, and break-out sessions, which will encompass the discussion of payroll and benefits, in addition to the introduction of simulation training. Trainees will also receive a brief history and the mission/visions of each hospital, delivered by each hospital’s respective Chief Medical Officer.

Internal Medicine will host IM-specific orientation activities during the week of June 20–29. During this time you will be able to meet Residency Program leadership, education staff, chief residents, and upper level residents. Topics will include Adventures in Cross Cover, Quality of Care, Research Opportunities, and Scheduling. Please plan to attend all activities – a detailed itinerary will be emailed to you in May. Make sure to plan to move to the Dallas area prior to official start date of June 16.