Resident Research

Resident research projects over the past two years:


  • A Systematic Review of the Risk of Perforation During Esophageal Dilation for Patients with Eosinophilic Esophagitis
  • A Young Man with Empyema: A Report of Isolated Fusobacterial Disease
  • Astrocytes are an Early Target in Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome
  • Cardiomyocyte Sulfonylurea Receptor 2-KATP Channel Mediates Cardioprotection and ST Segment Elevation
  • Clinical, Molecular, and Environmental Risk Factors for Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Comparison of Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients Undergoing Saphenous Vein Graft Stenting Who Were or Were Not Enrolled in the Stenting of Saphenous Vein Grafts Randomized Controlled Trial
  • Circulating Levels of Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 and Abdominal Aortic Pathology: From the Dallas Heart Study
  • Crossover from Radial to Femoral Access during a Challenging Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Can Make the Difference between Success and Failure
  • Ectodomains of the LDL Receptor-Related Proteins LRP1b and LRP4 Have Anchorage Independent Functions In Vivo
  • Irt > t Schedule Controlled Behavior in “Learned-Helpless” Rats: Effects from a Cannabinoid Agonist
  • Lrp4 Regulates Initiation of Ureteric Budding and Is Crucial for Kidney Formation – A Mouse Model for Cenani-Lenz Syndrome
  • Lung Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Intervals in the United States: A Health Care Disparity?
  • Minocycline Protects against Neurologic Complications of Rapid Correction of Hyponatremia
  • Peripheral Embolic Events during Endovascular Treatment of Infra-Inguinal Chronic Total Occlusion
  • Predictors and Impact of Second-Line Chemotherapy for Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer in the United States: Real-World Considerations for Maintenance Therapy
  • Preventing Shoulder Pain after Cardiac Rhythm Management Device Implantation: A Randomized Controlled Study
  • Re-induction of Hyponatremia after Rapid Overcorrection of Hyponatremia Reduces Mortality in Rats
  • Relation of Level of B-Type Natriuretic Peptide with Outcomes in Patients with Infective Endocarditis
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Pneumonia Treated with Lower-Dose Palivizumab in a Heart Transplant Recipient
  • The Effect of Obesity and Diabetes on Intermediate to High Grade Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Radical Prostatectomy
  • Thiazide Diuretics in the Treatment of Nephrolithiasis: Are We Using Them in an Evidence-Based Fashion?
  • Treatment of Euvolemic Hyponatrmia in the Intensive Care Unit by Urea
  • Use of the Frontrunner Catheter to Cross a Chronic Total Occlusion of the Left Subclavian Artery
  • Use of the Twin-Pass Catheter for Wiring a Jailed Side Branch
  • Use of the Venture Wire Control Catheter for the Treatment of Coronary Artery Chronic Total Occlusion


  • A Complex Case
  • Effect of Losartan and Spironolactone on Lipoprotein Metabolism in Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Hourly Ambulatory Blood Pressure Patterns in Patients with Intradialytic Hypertension
  • Peri-Procedural Myocardial Infarction in Chronic Total Occlusion Percutaneous Interventions: A Systematic Cardiac Biomarker Evaluation Study
  • Recurrent Hyponatremia to Reset Osmostat after Resection of an ADH-secreting Olfactory Neuroblastoma
  • Role of HBsAg Mutations in Patients with Hepatitis B-Related Acute Liver Failure (HBV-ALF)
  • The Cardiovascular Phenotype of D-dimer: From the Dallas Heart Study