Resident Council and Feedback

You want to go to a residency program that is eager to improve and listen to its residents. Here at UT Southwestern Medical Center, our residents regularly evaluate the Internal Medicine Residency Program and our rotations. With this input, we are able to modernize and constantly improve our Residency Program.

The Resident Council is a group of residents, selected by their peers, who meet monthly to discuss areas of concern or improvement. This Council promoted significant changes to the Residency Program in its first year of existence.

Resident Council Members

Photo: Anoop Sheshadri
Anoop Shedadri, M.D.
Resident Council Chair 


Photo: Katherine Ansley
Katherine Ansley, M.D.
Photo: Dan Cheeran
Dan Cheeran, M.D.
Photo: Zachary Dreyfuss
Zachary Dreyfuss, M.D.
Photo:Chanaka Wickramasinghe
Kate Tindall, M.D.


Photo: Anthony Edwards
Tony Edwards, M.D.
Photo: Sonia Jain
Sonia Jain, M.D.
Photo: Purav Mody
Puraov Mody, M.D.
Photo:Zohra Prasla
Zohra Prasla, M.D.


Photo: Kelly Chien
Kelly Chien, M.D.
Photo: Chakri Gavva
Chakri Gavva, M.D.
Photo: Purav Mody
Tyler Stewart, M.D.
Photo:Michael Wood
Michael Wood, M.D.