Endocrinology Clinical Training

The Endocrinology and Metabolism Fellowship Program comprises myriad clinical rotations throughout the training period to cover the breadth of endocrinology. Most clinical training is provided in the first year, during which fellows cover the inpatient consult services or the inpatient diabetes unit and attend a variety of clinics at the different training sites. Our second- and third-year fellows primarily work on their research projects while continuing to gain valuable clinical experience in their continuity clinics once or twice a week.

Training Sites

Parkland Memorial Hospital is a large, 968-bed county hospital, which provides medical care for a large indigent population. Willam P. Clements Jr. University Hospital and Zale Lipshy University Hospital are the university teaching hospitals for UT Southwestern Medical Center. The Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center provides care to the veterans of North Texas.

Fellows rotate through the inpatient consult services of these hospitals, the inpatient diabetes unit service at Parkland, and attend a variety of outpatient specialty and continuity clinics at Parkland as well as the VA Medical Center.

Each clinical site provides insights into a unique patient population, thus making the clinical exposure quite comprehensive. Each patient encounter is directly supervised by an endocrinology attending, providing for consistent one-on-one bedside teaching throughout the training years.

Clinical Rotations

UT Southwestern/Parkland Inpatient Endocrinology Consultation Service

Fellows provide inpatient consultation services at Parkland and UT Southwestern University Hospitals. These rotations provide opportunities to learn about the management of acute thyroid presentations, adrenal disorders, pituitary/sellar masses, sodium and calcium abnormalities, and other endocrinology-related medical problems. Each first-year fellow will complete three one-month rotations on this service.

Inpatient Endocrine and Diabetes Consult Service at the VA Medical Center

Fellows provide inpatient consultation services at the VA Medical Center for the veteran population. Each first-year fellow completes three one-month rotations on this service.

Parkland Inpatient Diabetes Unit and Inpatient Diabetes Consultation Service

Parkland has a dedicated inpatient diabetes unit that cares for patients with diabetic issues including DKA, hyperosmolar nonketosis syndromes, new onset diabetics, and those with complications of diabetes. This is a unique 11-bed service which is run by the endocrinology fellow under the supervision of diabetes staff. Two or three internal medicine interns also rotate on this service at all times, as well as medical students, thus providing fellows the opportunity to teach. The fellow on this service also provides inpatient consultations for diabetes at Parkland. First-year fellows spend a total of three months on this service, in alternating blocks of approximately one week duration.

Outpatient Clinics

    • Parkland Endocrine Clinic*  Thursday afternoon
    • Parkland Diabetes Clinic*  Wednesday morning
    • Parkland Mineral Metabolism Clinic  Thursday afternoon
    • Parkland Multidisciplinary Endocrine Tumor Clinic – Tuesday afternoon (monthly)
    • Parkland Lipid Clinic - Monday morning
    • Parkland Reproductive Endocrine Clinic – Friday morning
    • Aston FNA Clinic – Wednesday morning
    • Children’s Healthâ„  Children's Medical Center Pediatric Endocrine Clinic – Thursday morning
    • VA Medical Center Endocrine Clinic* – Monday morning and afternoon
    • VA Medical Center Diabetes Clinic – Tuesday morning
    • VA Medical Center Lipid Clinic – Friday morning
    • VA Medical Center Osteoporosis Clinic – Thursday morning

* Fellow continuity clinics