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Databases and Collections

American Type Culture Collection  (ATCC) Collections of cell lines, DNA clones, and other biological products

Antibody Resource
 A catalog of antibody suppliers and other resources

 A catalog of biomedical suppliers (a catalog of catalogs)

Cancer Genome Anatomy Project
 Gene expression, chromosomal alterations, and polymorphisms associated with the cancer cell

Cooperative Breast Cancer Tissue Resource
 (CBCTR) A publicly funded supplier of primary breast cancer tissues with associated clinical and followup data

Database of Expressed Sequence Tags

 An integrated search system for nucleotide sequences, protein sequences, biomedical literature (Medline), macromolecular structures, maps, and genomes.

 (Expert Protein Analysis System) A collection of proteomics tools, software, and databases for protein sequence analysis and structure predictions

 Database providing an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences

Human Genome Browser
 Sequence assembly and annotation of the human genome

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
 (OMIM) A catalog of human genes and genetic disorders

 (Medline) Biomedical literature database

 Stanford University resource that pools publicly available gene annotations.

 Database of human genes

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UT Southwestern Medical Center

Campus Maps Location of each building at UT Southwestern Medical Center

Faculty Profiles Directory
 at UTSW Medical Center

Microarray Core at UT Southwestern Medical Center

 A collection of electronic books from the UT Southwestern Medical Center Health Sciences Digital Library and Learning Center

University Lecture Series

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Other Institutions

American Association for the Advancement of Science  (AAAS) The world's largest general scientific society, and publisher of Science.

American Association for Cancer Research

American Universities
 A list of U.S. university home pages.

Human Genome Research
 The Department of Energy's (DOE) website on the genome projects

University of Texas MD Anderson Comprehensive Cancer Center

National Cancer Institute
 Principal U.S. agency for cancer research

National Human Genome Research Institute
 The NIH agency responsible for the human genome project

National Library of Medicine (NLM)
 World's largest medical library (includes Medline)

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BioMed Central Free access to a selection of peer-reviewed biomedical research articles

Human Genome News
 Online newsletter on the genome projects (DOE)

Life Science Dictionary

Medline Plus
 Health information (National Library of Medicine)

 Various medical information

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

Multiple Dictionary Search Engine
  More than 600 dictionaries including thesauri, acronyms, synonyms, grammar, multilingual translations, etc.

 Electronic textbook on general statistics. Contains an extensive glossary of statistical terms.

Web of Science
 Science Citation Index provided by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)

The Whole Mouse Catalog
 An extensive collection of links and resources for biomedical research using mice or rats

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