Renovations—A New Era Begins 

The first phase of the 7th Floor renovation of the Harry S. Moss Clinical Science (J) Building on the South campus has been completed as the new home of the Green Center. The renovation of the entire floor includes about 14,000 square feet of building space with more than 10,000 square feet of usable laboratory space.

The new space is a state-of-the-art research facility that houses the labs of its director, W. Lee Kraus, Ph.D., as well as five new future faculty. There will also be a molecular and cell biology core facility for use by members of the Green Center.

The first phase of the renovation of approximately three quarters of the floor was completed in September, 2010. The renovation of the remaining approximately 3,500 square feet is scheduled to be complete by early 2012 in preparation for additional faculty hires. Here are photos of the completed first phase:

Photos of the Completed First Phase of Renovations

See the progress of the renovations here:

March 2010: Demolition Begins

April 2010: Construction Begins

May 2010: Construction - Month 2

June-July 2010: Construction - Months 3-4

August 2010: Construction - Month 5