Representative Publications

Altschuler/Wu Laboratory

Ku C.J., Wang Y., Weiner O.D., Altschuler S.J., Wu L.F. (2012) Network crosstalk dynamically changes during neutrophil polarization. Cell, Volume 149, Issue 5, 1073-1083, 25 May 2012. (news article)

Rajaram S., Pavie B., Wu L.F., Altschuler S.J. (2012) PhenoRipper: Software for rapidly profiling microscopy images. Nature Methods, Vol. 9 No. 7, July 2012, 635-637

Singh D.K., Ku C.J., Wichaidit C., Steininger R.J. 3rd, Wu L.F., Altschuler S.J. (2010)  Patterns of basal signaling heterogeneity can distinguish cellular populations with different drug sensitivities. Mol Syst Biol., 6:369, May 2010.

Altschuler, S.J., Angenent, S.B., Wang, Y., Wu, L.F. (2008) On the spontaneous emergence of cell polarityNature, 2008 Aug 14; 454:886-890.

Hiesinger Laboratory

Haberman, A.S., Williamson, W.R., Epstein, D., Wang, D., Rina, S., Meinertzhagen, I.A., Hiesinger, P.R. (2012). The synaptic vesicle SNARE neuronal synaptobrevin promotes endolysosomal degradation and prevents neurodegeneration in drosophila. J. Cell. Biol., 196, 261-276.

Chan, C.C., Scoggin, S., Wang, D., Cherry, S., Dembo, T., Greenberg, B., Jin, E.J., Kuey, C., Lopez, A., Mehta, S.Q., Perkins, T.J., Brankatschk, M., Rothenfluh, A., Buszczak, M.*, Hiesinger, P.R.* (2011). Systematic discovery of rab GTPases with synaptic functions in drosophila. Current Biology, 21(20):1704-15. * co-corresponding authors

Ranganathan Laboratory

K.A. Reynolds, R.N. McLaughlin, R. Ranganathan. Hotspots for allosteric regulation on protein surfaces. (2011) Cell, 147: 1564-1575.

R.N. McLaughlin, F.J. Poelwijk, A. Raman, W.S. Gosal, R. Ranganathan. The spatial architecture of protein function and adaptation. (2012) Nature, 138: 138-142.