Residency Program Structure

Family Medicine Clinic

Our 11,750-square-foot Family Medicine Clinic is less than a mile away from Parkland Memorial Hospital, William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital, and the UT Southwestern campus.

The Family Medicine Clinic allows residents to provide high quality evidence-based health care to patients. The clinical site offers patients, staff, and physicians the benefits of a community setting while maintaining ready access to the Medical Center via shuttle service. The outpatient volume approaches 19,000 visits per year. 

Amenities at this clinic include:

  • 20 examination rooms
  • Nursing station
  • Procedure room
  • Reception area and waiting room
  • Precepting and charting area

A resident library/lounge is also available, as well as a social worker, diabetes educator, and psychologist educator.  

Same Day Clinic

Same day clinic scheduled for residents to increase fast-paced care for acute/urgent illnesses.  

Geriatrics Clinic

The Geriatrics Clinic provides residents with comprehensive, multidisciplinary geriatric assessment, as well as ongoing primary care, transitional care, and specialty care for elderly patients. Residents work with a behavioral psychologist, social worker, and board-certified geriatric attendings.  

Procedure Clinic

The Family Medicine Clinic has a procedure clinic on Fridays. In this setting residents learn and perform various outpatient procedures in acute and special procedure appointment slots.

Procedures include:

  • Joint or soft tissue injections
  • Treatment of abscesses
  • Incision and drainage
  • Wart removal
  • Skin biopsies
  • Colposcopies
  • Contraception management (IUD insertion/removal)
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Vasectomies

Diabetes Self-Care Clinic

Training provided by Family Medicine Clinic faculty and clinical pharmacist with specialized training in diabetes management. Patient care in this area includes in-depth education on treatment options and nutrition lessons, empowering patients to better care for diabetes and its complications. 

Sports Medicine

Work with nationally recognized sports medicine attending, Robert Dimeff, M.D., fellowship-trained staff, Rachel Chamberlain, M.D., and other orthopedic physicians/physical therapists.

In-depth training about evaluation and non-surgical treatment of sports injuries or conditions are covered and there are opportunities available to work with local schools, colleagues, and professional teams.  

Tuesday Afternoon Conference

Didactics are held weekly and organized as a single half-day – free of other clinical duties – which allows more dedicated learning time. Speakers range from specialists at our world renowned institution, to our faculty and residents presenting their scholarly work.

Informative lectures, case presentations, journal club, procedure workshops, and behavioral training on adult, pediatric, women's health, and community medicine are all a part of these conferences.