Information for Applicants

House staff compensation is competitive with other large teaching hospitals in the Southwest. The compensation package includes parking, paid vacation for all three postgraduate years, lab coats (and laundry service for lab coats), and health care coverage, including available family coverage. (See below for more detailed information.)

Salaries and Insurance

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Salaries are revised on July 1 of each year.

Life insurance and disability insurance are available. Health insurance is available for the resident, the resident's spouse, and dependent children.

2016-2017 Stipends for the Fiscal Year
House Staff Level Annual Stipends*
PGY-1 $58,199
PGY-2 $60,122
PGY-3 $62,570

* Payment of stipends are divided into 26 pay periods and are distributed every other Tuesday.

Professional Liability Insurance

All interns and residents (house staff) in training are provided with professional liability (malpractice) insurance coverage for claims arising in the course of their training. "Moonlighting" is not covered. Evidence of coverage will be furnished upon written request. Each house staff member is covered on the effective date of appointment. Coverage expires at termination of appointment. House staff physicians, upon becoming aware of an actual or alleged claim, must immediately advise their Residency Program Director and the hospital risk manager.

Departmental Funds

  • PGY-1 $750 for electronic media and educational materials
  • PGY-2 $500 for educational materials
  • PGY-3 $1,500 for educational materials, board exam fees, or conference attendance


Meals are provided at William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital and at Parkland Memorial Hospital, as per each hospital's policy.


Parking is available for a nominal fee at Family Medicine – Primary Care Clinic, Clements University Hospital, Parkland, and Children’s Healthâ„  Children's Medical Center.

Lab Coats

Initially two lab coats are provided, one per year afterward.

Paid Time Off

Parkland Hospital policy entitles residents to:

  • 15 business days as vacation per year
  • 5 business days as sick leave per year
  • 5 business days for other categories (including but not limited to specialty meetings and seminars – including paper/publication presentations, and board and licensure exams.)

American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) rules state that absence from the program for vacation, illness, personal business, leave, etc., must not exceed a combined total of one (1) month (30 days) per academic year. Therefore any leave taken beyond the 1 month (30 days) allowed by the ABFM, whether compensated or not, must be made up before advancement to the next training level. Time off must be approved by the Program Director, the Parkland GME office and Residency Coordinator, and coordinated with the service to which the resident is assigned.

Professional Organizations

American Academy of Family Physicians memberships will be reimbursed for all residents.


Moonlighting is permitted subject to the approval of the program director and in accordance with UT Southwestern moonlighting policy


Two medical libraries are located at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Free, up-to-date access is provided. Each is staffed by full-time librarians to assist the physicians and residents in accessing medical literature and providing educational materials. Links with academic libraries are present to widen the scope of educational material available at all times. The Family Medicine Center also has a library exclusively for the Department of Family Medicine.