Program Year 3

Shumaila Athar, M.D.

Shumaila Athar, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Karachi, Pakistan; Dow University of Health and Sciences

About Me: I graduated from Dow University of Health Sciences with honors. I actively participate in community services and enjoy participating in various outreach activities. I am a firm believer in preventive care medicine. In my spare time, I enjoy reading books, outdoor activities and spending time with family.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? The reason I choose UTSW is because it offers you the best training in an academic setting and prepares you very well to face all professional challenges and I am very satisfied with my choice.

Post Residency plan: My areas of interest are community medicine, underserved community, women’s health and urgent care.

Megan Gillem, D.O.

Hometown/Medical School: Denton, TX; University of North Texas Health Science Center – Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

About Me: I was born and raised in North Texas and went to Texas A&M for my undergrad. I am married and I have a one-year-old son. During my free time we like to go to the park, go swimming, and enjoy the Texas weather!

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I chose UTSW for many reasons, a few are: the people (i.e. residents and faculty), an opportunity to work with the underserved, and the location!

Post Residency plan: Once out of residency I plan on joining a group practice in the metroplex.

Archana Govindan, M.S., M.D. 

Hometown/Medical School: Grew up in Toronto and lived in Atlanta; St. George’s University School of Medicine

About Me: Grew up in different cities including the Middle East, Canada and Atlanta. Married with one son. Enjoy listening to music, traveling and being with family.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I chose UT Southwestern Family Medicine residency because of the diversity the program offered and options to pursue whatever we were interested.

Post Residency plan: I am hoping to pursue a career in hospitalist medicine.

Omer Jamal, D.O.

Omer Jamal, D.O.

Hometown/Medical School: Garland, Texas; Western University of Health Sciences

Why UTSW Family Medicine? UTSW Family Medicine was the appropriate choice because it’s university and county based, thus two highly desirable characteristics to pursuing continuing education. Parkland itself is a monolith with historical significance and a cosmopolitan patient base.

Monica Juarez-Gonzalez, D.O.

Hometown/Medical School: Amarillo, TX; UNTHSC-TCOM

About Me: My family heritage begins at a small village in Mexico called “Arroyo del Agua” Chihuahua, Mexico. I am first generation Mexican-American and the first, in my family, to earn a medical degree. I enjoy spending time with family and friends especially my little princess “Jackie,” traveling and jogging.

Post Residency plan: My future professional goal is to be employed at a local Dallas Metroplex outpatient clinic and to be an active member in my community.

Kevin Ko, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Dallas, TX; St. George’s University School of Medicine

About Me: I enjoy playing basketball, cycling, eating with good company!

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I’m from Dallas and after spending one month at UTSW as a med student, I knew my training would consist of seeing a wide range of pathology. I also enjoy working with the underserved population of Dallas County.

Post Residency plan: Hospitalist Medicine

Haley Newton, D.O.

Hometown/Medical School: Granbury, TX; University of North Texas Health Science Center – Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

About Me: I have a wonderful husband and daughter. I love to spend time with my family, go to Texas Rangers games and do almost anything outside.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I choose UTSW because I was interested in getting to practice in both a private and county hospital as well as getting to participate in our community medicine program.

Post Residency plan: When I finish residency I hope to stay in the Dallas area in a Family Medicine clinic.

Sarah Siddiqi, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Dallas, Texas; Ross University School of Medicine

About Me: I enjoy reading, spending time with family and friends, and watching movies. I am hoping to find time to travel after residency.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I chose UTSW FM program because it’s my home program. I’ve been involved with UT since I was in high school and knew that the education I received here would be outstanding.

Post Residency plan: I will likely pursue outpatient medicine after residency.