Program Year 2

Christina Avila, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: El Paso, TX; UT Southwestern Medical School

About Me: I love being a Family Medicine doctor, but when I am not at work, I love spending time with my husband and beautiful son. I enjoy playing tennis, running, going out to eat, and just hanging out with friends.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? It was an easy decision to stay at UTSW for residency. I knew the faculty were great, the residents were friendly and great doctors, and Parkland is an incredible place to get your training.

Post-Residency Plans: After graduation, I want to work primarily in an outpatient setting, either in a clinic or an urgent care center. We’ll see what the future holds!

Jessica Blower, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Phoenix, AZ; University of Arizona College of Medicine

About Me: I grew up in Phoenix, AZ and graduated from Arizona State University with a B.S. in Psychology. My social science background comes in handy every day when interacting with patients and communicating with other team members. I graduated from University of Arizona College of Medicine in 2012 and moved to Dallas for residency. When not in the hospital, you can usually find me on my yoga mat, in pointe shoes at the dance studio, or out on the town with my husband enjoying the Dallas nightlife.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I chose UTSW Family Medicine Program mainly for the county hospital training experience and the welcoming, supportive faculty and residents. The program has a great balance between challenging me to perform my best and push my intellectual limits along with nurturing me through the journey.

Post-Residency Plans: After graduation, I plan on building a primary care practice with a focus on women’s health.

Sandeep Bodige, D.O.

Sandeep Bodige, D.O.

Hometown/Medical School: Arlington, TX; University of North Texas Health Science Center - Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

Post-Residency Plans: Interested in urgent care

Omar Durani, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Carrollton, Texas; St. George’s University School of Medicine

About Me: I was born and raised in Dallas, TX. Completed undergraduate studies in Biology at Southern Methodist University, graduating in 2006. Worked with setting up and establishing EMRs before entering St. George’s University for medical school. Outside of medicine, I enjoy team sports (die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan), avid movie watcher, and drawing.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I chose UTSW for my training because of the reputation of excellence. Having the exposure to a variety of patients and learning from distinguished physicians stood out to me. All of this located in North Texas was a no brainer.

Michael Huang, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: I was born and raised in Wichita Falls, TX, went to American University of the Caribbean for medical school.

About Me: I went to high school in New Jersey and did my undergrad at DePaul University. I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to take; it was either become a fighter pilot or become a doctor. I didn’t want to kill anyone, so I applied for med school.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? UTSW was my top choice because it is a huge center for academics. There are specialists in every field imaginable and we are always learning from the very best.

Post-Residency Plans: I plan on pursuing a sports medicine fellowship.

Jason Johnson, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Salt Lake City, Utah; St. George’s University School of Medicine

About Me: I grew up skiing and rock climbing but love to read when I get the chance.

Post-Residency Plans: When I finish with residency I hope to be accepted into a fellowship to further my training.

Adam Khadbai, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Scarborough, Canada, raised mostly in Plano, TX; Ross University School of Medicine

About Me: I enjoy watching football (both NCAA and NFL) and basketball in my spare time. I have lived in eight different cities in my life. I enjoy traveling.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I chose UTSW Family Medicine because I grew up in the Dallas area and wanted to come back to do residency and practice here. I like family medicine because of the diversity of cases and the relationships you build with continuity.

Post-Residency Plans: I am planning on either inpatient or urgent care upon graduation from residency.

Tabasum Nazir, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Baramulla, J&K, India; Government Medical College Srinagar, Kashmir

About Me: I was born and raised in Kashmir, the northern most part of India. I received my medical education from Government Medical College, Srinagar, Kashmir.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I am very fortunate to have matched into UTSW Family Medicine program as it offers a supportive work environment, strong and well-structured curriculum, exposure to diverse patient population, and many elective opportunities.

Post-Residency Plans: After graduation, I anticipate to work in a clinical settings and provide excellent care to my patients.

Amrutha Pavle, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Gulbarga, India; BLDEA’s Shri B M Patil Medical College India

About Me: My hobbies include cooking, traveling, meditation, and yoga.

Why UTSW Family Medicine? I chose UTSW Family Medicine because of this program’s unique blend of academic and community-based experiences that would help me develop a broad approach to patient care and also because I could totally see myself being a resident at this program after meeting with all the faculty and residents at my first visit.

Post-Residency Plans: After I finish my residency I would like to work in an outpatient based group practice while pursuing fellowship opportunities.

Rebecca Romack, M.D.

Hometown/Medical School: Texas Tech University

About Me: I was born in Dallas, TX, and attended the University of Texas at Austin where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry in three years through the Dean’s Scholars science honors program. From there I moved to Lubbock for the first two years of medical school at Texas Tech, then to Midland for the third and fourth years of medical school.

Why UTSW Family Medicine: I love Dallas and I love the academic atmosphere at UT Southwestern.

Post-Residency Plans: I plan to do urgent care.

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