Department Overview

Advances in molecular genetics in recent years have been far reaching. We now consider that a significant number of genetic disorders and cancers are linked to the period of embryogenesis.

Our faculty research interests encompass a variety of biological areas including cancers such as glioblastoma and renal cell carcinoma, cancer stem cells, adipocyte development, neural development, stem cell self-renewal, and fate specification.

Core Facilities

Our facilities are used by all members of the Department of Developmental Biology and provide an efficient and economic sharing of resources, as well as promote interaction and exchange of ideas and reagents.

Core areas and equipment include:

  • Confocal microscope and imaging facility
  • FACS facility, a tissue culture facility
  • Genotyping core
  • Histotechnology lab
  • Transgenic and ES cell facility
  • Primary culture and dissection facilities
  • Various other areas for freezers, cold and dark rooms, centrifuges, computers, etc.