Graduate Student Profiles

Lindsay Clark Graduate Student

Lindsay Clark

Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Undergrad: University of Massachusetts (Biology)
Graduate program: Molecular Biophysics (2011–now)
Mentor: Dan Rosenbaum
Project: Structure and function of membrane proteins involved in lipid homeostasis
Paper: Coming soon!
Notable: NSF predoctoral fellow


Qian Cong Graduate Student

Qian Cong

Hometown: Harbin, China
Undergrad: Peking University, Beijing (Biological Science)
Graduate program: Molecular Biophysics (2009–now)
Mentor: Nick Grishin
Project: Sequence analysis, genome-wide structure, and function prediction
Paper: Cong Q, Grishin NV. (2012) MESSA: Meta-server for protein sequence analysis. BMC Biol. 10(1):82.
Notable: HHMI predoctoral fellow


Jacob Zahm Graduate Student

Jacob Zahm

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergrad: St. Louis University (Chemistry)
Graduate program: Molecular Biophysics, UT Southwestern
Mentor: Michael Rosen
Project: Mechanism of actin nucleation by the bacterial effector protein, VopL
Paper: Coming soon!
Notable: Molecular Biophysics NIH training grant awardee