Alumni Mentoring Opportunities

UT Southwestern Medical School alumni can help the next generation of physicians by participating in two programs – the Bed & Breakfast Program and the Day with a Doc Program.

Bed & Breakfast Program

UT Southwestern Medical School alumni provide overnight accommodations and/or other support to senior medical students traveling for internship interviews.

Am I obligated for all activities?

No, you can choose only those that are convenient.

Am I obligated for the entire year?

No, students understand that their requests might not be convenient with your schedule.

Is this really important?

Yes. It saves students money, gives students a chance to meet you, and gives you a chance to meet our current medical students.

How does it work?

First, sign up or update your contact information on Alumni Affairs' restricted website. Students can then contact you directly. If their request is convenient for you – you and the student work out the details.

More questions?

Contact the Alumni Affairs Office.

The Day with a Doc Program is for students who want to know more about a particular specialty and a typical day as a physician.

Once in medical school, time with physicians serves a new purpose because difficult decisions remain – particularly the decision about specialty. Day with a Doc is designed to connect students with doctors and their experiences.

There is no substitute for the opportunity to benefit from the experience of a practicing physician, particularly someone with whom the student shares at least one thing in common – UT Southwestern.

To register or edit/update your contact information, please visit Alumni Affairs' restricted website.