You Are In: Now What?

Congratulations! You have just been accepted into UT Southwestern Medical School. Now what? Here is some advice from our students about how you might want to spend the months leading up to the start of classes in the fall, as well as some information that might be useful to you as you are preparing to start medical school.

We have organized things chronologically where possible and we have provided links to other sources of information that might be useful. Students are admitted throughout the year, so this information will allow all to prepare for the beginning of the year.

Crowd at Match Day 2011

A few important dates:

  • MS0 Weekend: February 10–11, 2017
  • School Starts: August 7, 2017
  • Orientation Program: August 710, 2017
  • PRE+OP (weekend retreat): August 11–12, 2017
  • White Coat Ceremony: October 2017

Class of 2021 Checklist: Monthly To-Do’s

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March 2017 
April 2017 
May 2017 
June 2017 
July 2017 
August 2017 

RSVP to MS0 Day, Find Accommodations

MS0 Weekend is a weekend held in the spring of each year – when we invite the newly accepted medical students to campus for a second look. Student activities on MS0 Weekend vary but usually include information about campus life, meetings in small groups, and bus tours through neighborhoods to explore where students might live.

MS0 Weekend is highly recommended for those with reasonable access to Dallas. The weekend provides a great chance to meet new classmates, see the multicultural show, and have a great night in the area before medical school begins. Be sure you stay with a student if possible so you can pester the unfortunate host with questions – it’s OK, everyone does it. Please watch for a letter or email for further directions.

Visit the MS 0 Weekend website for more details.


Attend MS0 Weekend

Join us for MS0 Weekend for a second look. Visit the MS 0 Weekend website for more details. 

Not able to join us for the MS0 weekend? Download the materials. The packet includes information on laptop requirements, academic programs, electives, student organizations, the housing survey, and more.

Learn About the Laptop You'll Need

Before requesting that new laptop as your ‘I’m going to medical school!’ gift, read the Laptop Requirements FAQ (this is important!).

Apply for Student Financial Aid at FAFSA

There is no fee and no downside to applying for financial aid. The earlier you file the FAFSA, the better chance you have of being considered for all types of aid.

Visit our list of Financial Aid FAQs for help.

The Office of Financial Aid is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Office is located in M2.200 (adjacent to the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center), and can be contacted at:

Office of Student Financial Aid
UT Southwestern Medical Center
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75390-9064
Phone: 214-648-3611
Fax: 214-648-3289


Receive and Act on Student Aid Offers

Assuming you filled in your FAFSA application, notifications will be sent via email.

Choose UT Southwestern and Look Forward to Great Years

If you received an offer of acceptance from more than one school, you must choose the specific school at which you prefer to enroll. Politely withdraw your application from all other schools from which acceptance offers have been received.

Considering Deferring Your Admission?

Accepted applicants interested in seeking a deferral should download the Medical School deferral application and submit it as soon as possible to the Admissions Office. More information

Set Up and Verify Your Laptop

Be sure to read the Laptop Requirements FAQ before purchasing a new, or upgrading your current laptop. All incoming students are required to have a laptop and there are specific requirements. July 15 is the submission deadline for the Laptop Verification Form to be sure your laptop meets all necessary specifications.

OR: If you will be purchasing your laptop from the University Store, it will take up to two weeks to place and complete your order.

Submit Final College/University Transcripts

Submit ALL final official transcripts (including any degrees conferred) to the Admissions Office at:

Office of Admissions
UT Southwestern Medical Center
5323 Harry Hines Blvd
Dallas, TX 75390-9162

Don’t skip the school with just one semester of Macramé (or whatever that summer elective was).

Graduating in June? Hold off having that transcript sent until your degree is posted.

Update Your Contact Information

The school will send emails about tasks that need to be completed before enrolling. Keep your mailing address updated, as important documents do arrive via USPS regarding tuition, financial aid, payments, and other matters. You can update your contact information on the UT Southwestern Student Self-Service page.

Continue Apartment Hunting

Continue looking for housing, roommates, etc.

Complete Immunization Requirements

Immunizations. No joke. Get these done before showing up on the first day. Some immunizations include a series that can take weeks to complete. You cannot start school without a complete immunization record. Meningitis must be documented at least 10 days before the start of school. Those students 22 years of age or older are exempt from this requirement. See immunization requirements here.  Please call Student Health Services if you have any questions regarding the required immunizations.

Student Health Services is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Student Health Services is located on the eighth floor (U8.409) of the James W. Aston Ambulatory Care Center on South Campus, and can be contacted at:

UT Southwestern Medical Center
Student Health Services
Dallas, TX 75390-8861
Phone: 214-645-8690
Fax: 214-645-8676

Get Your Student ID Card

If you are planning to be on campus between now and the beginning of school, and if you would like to use the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center, we are happy to make you an ID card. Just stop by the Office of Enrollment Services at your convenience.

The Office of Enrollment Services is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Office is located in M2.200 (adjacent to the Bryan Williams, M.D. Student Center), and can be contacted at:

Office of Enrollment Services
UT Southwestern Medical Center
5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75390-9096
Phone: 214-648-3606
Fax: 214-648-3289

Begin Apartment Hunting

If you are considering living at Med Park, be sure to sign up as early as possible for the best chance at getting the unit desired. It includes details about where students live and what students say about where they live.

UT Southwestern cannot endorse any particular apartment. Most apartment complexes don’t know more than 60 days in advance what will be available around your move-in date. So if you're moving in at the beginning of August, having an apartment down by the end of June is a good idea. 


Complete your Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note

To receive your Federal Direct Stafford Loan(s), make sure you sign the document titled "Master Promissory Note" (MPN). Funds will not be disbursed in August if the MPN is not completed. A few students each year accidentally skip this step and are presented with an unhappily large tuition bill right before classes begin. Try not to be one of those.

Use Your UT Southwestern Email Address

We will send you correspondence when all email communication will go exclusively to your assigned UT Southwestern email address. Access your UT Southwestern email account via the web. 

Get Ready for MS1 Orientation-Southwestern Style

The first week of school in August is filled with activities, workshops, and lots of fun to provide you the relationships, resources, self-assessments, and skills to achieve your potential and THRIVE in medical school. In order to maximize the week’s experiences, you will need to complete a series of fun self-assessments, surveys, and assignments ahead of time. 

First, register for the Pre-Registration Education Orientation (PRE+OP) Weekend Retreat.

PRE+OP’s vision/mission is to develop and foster a program that builds on the UT Southwestern foundations for developing a student community environment that enhances learning and social interaction. You will receive an email with instructions on how to register for the PRE+OP weekend retreat scheduled for the Friday/Saturday of orientation week. The RSVP will be due in early July.

Visit "Careers in Medicine" Website

What do you want to be when you grow up? Yes, we know…a doctor, but what kind? The summer is a great time to do some exploration of what medical specialty might be right for you by learning more about yourself. In Moodle, you will complete a Careers in Medicine Questionnaire regarding your current career goals and through the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Career and Medicine you will complete the Medical Specialty Preference Inventory. Both will be discussed in a workshop during orientation. 

What Style are You? DISC

Learn about yourself and your peers and significant others through the DISC behavioral style assessment.  It will be invaluable as you begin to work closely in groups as part of your Team Base Learning groups, Human Structure dissection groups, or even working on a clinical team on the wards. It may even help understand your family and loved ones!!  You will be sent a link to complete this assessment which will be due in early July.

Complete The AAMC Matriculation Survey Questionnaire (MSQ) 

Why did you choose to be a physician? Where do you plan to practice? Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? The AAMC's Matriculating Student Questionnaire is interested in all of these answers, and plans to compare them to your thoughts upon graduation. You will receive an individualized web link from the AAMC to complete the survey. We would really appreciate it if you would provide us this useful information.


Complete Your Background Check and Drug Screening

Background checks are required for all medical students. You will receive an email in late June with instructions. The background check must be completed by August 1. We only accept background checks facilitated through our contracted company. A negative drug screen is required of all students ahead of clinical activities. All incoming students will be provided information prior to matriculation of details and testing sites in the U.S.

Complete Your Laptop Purchase/Verification

The time is now! July 15 is the submission deadline for the Laptop Verification Form to be sure your laptop meets all necessary specifications.

OR: If you will be purchasing your laptop from the University Store, it will take up to two weeks to place and complete your order (so do not delay).

Not sure what to do or purchase? Read the Laptop Requirements FAQ.

Get Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance coverage is a requirement that you must have throughout the time you are enrolled. If you need to purchase health insurance for yourself, student health insurance is provided to all University of Texas affiliated students by Academic Health Plans.  Many students are covered by their parents’ plan during enrollment. Most major insurance plans are accepted at Student Health Services.  If you have questions, you can check with them. Learn more about Student Health Insurance.   Student Disability insurance is also available and strongly recommended.

Tuition and Fees

You will receive information regarding tuition/fee payments. Tuition/fee payments must be paid before the first day of classes. Please visit your Student Self Service to review your “To Do List” for any final items to complete.

Purchasing Textbooks and Medical Instruments

You will be required to purchase a set of medical instruments, as you begin to learn the physical exam skills needed to become a physician. There is no need to purchase these prior to your first day of classes, but you are welcome to peruse what is available and learn more about your choices. We will provide a resource guide to help you make this selection, discuss the various options during orientation, and make available mechanisms for purchase during the first week of school.


Attend MS1 Orientation- Southwestern Style and PRE+OP

You will spend a week of l fun and information-filled days immediately before school with your future classmates. During the Friday night overnight retreat, second-year medical students serve as camp counselors. Some UT Southwestern administrators, faculty, and Colleges mentors will be on hand at a retreat facility on the Brazos River to fully welcome you into the UT Southwestern family.

Attend First Day of Classes

School starts August 7, 2017 … We look forward to your arrival in the upcoming term!

Complete the Study Skills Inventory (ASSIST)

About one week after school begins you will receive an email link asking you to complete the Approaches to Study Skills Inventory for Students (ASSIST). This survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

The information you provide in the surveys will allow us to organize our resources in a way that supports your success here at UTSW as part of a Wellness and Study Skills Workshop to ensure that you have the skills you need to thrive and succeed while caring for yourself- body, mind, and soul. 


Think About Summer Plans

Most students decide to go have fun (backpack Europe, beat some video games, work on the golf game, etc.) the summer before medical school begins.

Don’t worry; you can do summer properly and still follow the school’s schedule without difficulty. Some students participate in summer programs and their schedule may vary. Student researchMedical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) 

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