Summer II: Introduction to Biostatistics for Graduate and Medical Students

This course introduces fundamental statistical principles and focuses on explaining the appropriate scientific interpretation of statistical tests rather than the mathematical calculation of the tests themselves.

Topics include those typically used in biomedical publications, including data description, summary statistics, contingency tables, parametric and nonā€parametric tests, analysis of variance, correlation, regression, statistical power and sample size estimation, high throughput data analysis, and design of pre-clinical and clinical studies. 

No prerequisite courses are required.

Learning Objectives

  • Become familiar with the statistical concepts and procedures commonly used in pre-clinical and clinical research.
  • Understand the statistical design concepts and procedures commonly used in pre-clinical and clinical research and presented in biomedical journals.
  • Identify the statistical procedures appropriate for a given pre-clinical and clinical research situation.

Time/Location: Noon to 1:30 p.m. Tuesdays/Thursdays in D1.602 (unless otherwise stated on schedule below) on the South Campus.

Lecture Materials: Lecture notes will be posted on the UT Southwestern drive as stated on the syllabus by noon of the day preceding the lecture. Students are advised to bring a copy of these notes to class.

Homework: Homework will be assigned concurrently with each section of lecture material. Homework should be turned in at the beginning of the class period on the due date.

Attendance: It is strongly recommended that students attend all classes. The student assumes responsibility for material covered in missed classes.

Course Evaluations: All students will be asked to evaluate the course upon completion. These evaluations are anonymous and extremely helpful.

To get transcription notation for this course, you must physically attend at least seven of the nine lectures, and complete any that you missed through the online training.

DateRoomInstructorLecture / PresentationHandout
June 25 D1.602 Huet Introduction – Describing Data (PDF) "The Cost of Dichotomising Continuous Variables" by Douglas G. Altman
June 27 D1.602 Huet Variability and Graphically Visualizing Data (PDF) Exam questions: Chapters 1-2
July 2 D1.602 Chen Basic Principles of Statistical Inference (PDF)  
July 9 D1.602 Chen Comparing groups – Continuous Data (PDF)  
July 11 D1.602 Chen Comparing groups – Continuous Data  
July 16 D1.602 Zhang Comparing groups – Categorical Data  
July 18 D1.602 Zhang Comparing groups – Categorical Data  
July 23 D1.602 Ahn Introduction to the Design of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Studies  
July 25 D1.602 Xiao Introduction to high-throughput data analysis