Computational and Systems Biology Faculty


Gaudenz Danuser, Ph.D.

Gaudenz Danuser, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Danuser Lab
Research Interests: Regulation of cell morphogenesis during metastasis; roles of mechanics in cell survival and drug resistance

Nick Grishin, Ph.D.

Nick Grishin, Ph.D., Co-Chair
Grishin Lab 
Research Interests: Computational biology; analysis of protein sequences and structures

Maria Chahrour, Ph.D.

Maria Chahrour, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Genomic, genetic, and molecular approaches to autism spectrum disorders

Lindsay Cowell, Ph.D.

Lindsay Cowell, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Research Interests: Somatic diversification of antigen receptor genes; repertoire characteristics as biomarkers of immune status and disease; host-pathogen interactions

Gaudenz Danuser, Ph.D.

Gaudenz Danuser, Ph.D., Professor
Research Interests: Regulation of cell morphogenesis during metastasis; roles of mechanics in cell survival and drug resistance


Andreas Doncic, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Doncic Lab
Research Interests Single cell systems biology, modeling and cell fate decisions

Nick Grishin, Ph.D.

Nick Grishin, Ph.D., Professor
Grishin Lab 
Research Interests: Computational biology; analysis of protein sequences and structures


Tae Hyun Hwang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Hwang Lab 
Research InterestsBioinformatics, computational biology, network analysis, next generation sequencing analysis, machine learning, and big data analysis

Khuloud Jaqaman, Ph.D.

Khuloud Jaqaman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Jaqaman Lab
Research Interests: Quantitative spatiotemporal structure-function relationships of multi-molecular assemblies; linking molecular and cellular behavior across multiple scales; computational image analysis and mathematical modeling.

Steve Jiang, Ph.D.

Steve Jiang, Ph.D., Professor
Jiang Lab 
Research Interests: Personal high performance computing device to improve the efficiency and more importantly, to change the way we diagnose and treat patients in cancer radiotherapy. 


Lukasz Joachimiak, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Joachimiak Lab
Research Interests: Molecular recognition in protein folding, chaperone structural biology and neurodegeneration

Lee Kraus, Ph.D.

W. Lee Kraus, Ph.D., Professor
Kraus Lab 
Research Interests: Computational genomics. Using molecular, genetic, genomic, and computational approaches to understanding signal-regulated gene expression. Integrating data from different genomic platforms using computational approaches.


Milo Lin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Lin Lab
Research Interests: Optimization in conformational and network space.

Zbyszek Otwinowski, Ph.D.

Zbyszek Otwinowski, Ph.D., Professor
Otwinowski Lab
Research Interests: Development of methods to study next generation sequencing and X-ray crystallographic data

Steven Patrie, Ph.D.

Steven Patrie, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 
Patrie Lab
Research Interests: Analytical, informatics, and big data methods in proteomics

Rama Ranganathan, M.D., Ph.D.

Rama Ranganathan, M.D., Ph.D., Professor
Ranganathan Lab 
Research Interests: The evolutionary design of proteins and cellular signaling networks

Kimberly Reynolds, Ph.D.

Kimberly Reynolds, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Reynolds Lab
Research Interests: Statistical analysis and rational design of cellular systems

Luke Rice, Ph.D.

Luke Rice, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Rice Lab
Research Interests: Integrating structure, kinetics, and computation to understand the molecular determinants and regulatory mechanisms of microtubule dynamics

Elliott Ross, Ph.D.

Elliott Ross, Ph.D., Professor
Ross Lab
Research Interests: Cellular information processing; molecular mechanisms of G protein-mediated signaling:  amplification, selectivity, response kinetics  and signal integration


Guanghua Xiao, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Xiao Lab
Research Interests: Improving treatments for cancer by applying computer science and statistical methodologies to analyzing high-throughput biological data. New models and tools are currently in development to assist the investigation of disease mechanisms and their related diagnostic innovations.

Yang Xie, Ph.D.

Yang Xie, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Xie Lab
Research Interests: Biostatistics, bioinformatics, statistical genomics, clinical trial design, and biomarker studies.

Chao Xing, Ph.D.

Chao Xing, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Xing Lab
Research Interests:  Statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, bioinformatics, gene mapping for complex traits.

Xiaowei Zhan, Ph.D.

Xiaowei Zhan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Statistical genetics, forward genetics screening, statistical computation, next-generation sequencing, genetic association studies


Associate Members

These faculty members do not accept graduate students. They participate in teaching, co-mentoring, exam and dissertation committees, and all other program responsibilities.

Dominika Borek, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Research Interests:  Development of methods to study heteroplasmy and the somatic evolution of cancers.

Gary Hon, Ph.D.

Gary Hon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Integrating genomics and bioinformatics techniques to develop a comprehensive understanding of how the millions of non-coding regulatory elements encoded in our genomes precisely coordinate gene expression in developmental and disease contexts.

Julia Kozlitina, Ph.D.

Julia Kozlitina, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Statistics, statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology, genome-wide association studies.


Tao Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Mouse genetics, immunology, cancer genomics, imaging analysis