Student Profile

Addie Dickson in lab
Addie Dickson

Addie Dickson grew up in Shreveport, La., and has always been interested in understanding how the human body works. She earned her undergraduate degree in biochemistry from Centenary College, a small liberal arts school in Louisiana. While at UT Southwestern, Addie received a fellowship that allowed her the unique opportunity to spend a summer conducting her research in rural Tokushima, Japan.

She is studying the role of phosphate homeostasis in female fertility, which is a major concern in chronic kidney disease. Additionally, dietary consumption of phosphate is rising in America, so she is investigating the potential impact this has on reproduction.

“Integrative Biology is a great program because you get a breadth and depth of knowledge into the molecular basis of so many different human diseases,” Addie said. “Our science really does go from the bench to the bedside.”

Addie Dickson
Integrative Biology Graduate Program, 5th Year
Mentor: Makoto Kuro-o, M.D., Ph.D.