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Communication Skills Resources

One of the important goals of Convergence is to improve the ability of students and trainees to communicate with peers, professionals, and the public. Toward this goal, Convergence has adopted the use of assessment rubrics. A rubric is a scoring tool that is used to assess student and trainee performance by a set of criteria and standards.

When a rubric is agreed upon and communicated before the individual's work is completed, the evaluation process is clear and transparent to all involved. Rubrics define the expectations and can be used by the entire audience to evaluate a communication.


Convergence will enhance student and trainee learning by improving their knowledge and understanding of health systems and common diseases, including concepts related to clinical and translational research and their ability to communicate this knowledge to peers, professionals, and the public.

Assessments include instruments to measure learning outcomes and attitude changes for participants across all schools. Additional instruments are offered for use in longitudinal activities within the individual learning communities.