Presentation Topics

See below for the current lineup of presentations available, and let us know if you have specific requests for additional health care topics.

Available Presentations
Cancer Heart
General Orthopaedic Surgery


  • Robotic Surgery – What is robotic surgery and how is it improving cancer treatment options?
  • Mammography and Dense Breast Tissue – How many women does it affect and what are the new laws?
  • Top Screenings for Cancer – Which should women have and at what age?
  • Top Screenings for Cancer – Which should men have and at what age?
  • The Next Stage – Living long after a cancer diagnosis and treatment: survivorship/cancer as a chronic condition.
  • Energy Balance – How food intake and exercise affect cancer risk and treatment.
  • HPV Vaccines – Important for girls and now boys.
  • New Services Available – Advancements in the care and treatment of cancer.
  • Cancer Research – How it is affecting the way people are diagnosed and treated, and what’s the outlook?
  • Genetics and Cancer – How to know if someone is really at risk.
  • Cervical Cancer – Warning signs and who is at risk.
  • Minimizing Your Cancer Risks – Steps to take for prevention’s sake.
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  • Mythbusting – Facts and fiction about plastic surgery.
  • Transplant Altruism – The benefits of living donation.
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  • Heart Attack Facts – CPR or AED? What you need to know if (or when) a heart attack strikes.
  • Fresh beat – Minimizing your risk for heart disease.
  • A Woman’s Heart – Women and heart disease.
  • Every Heart – Heart health by audience segment.
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Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Your Shoes and You – Minimizing and managing injuries from fashion-forward, high-heeled shoes
  • ACL Injuries – Why women are five times more likely to have them, how to prevent them, and when to see a doctor.
  • Osteoporosis – How to prevent one of the most common conditions among women (and men).
  • Overdone – When is exercise too much?
  • Text Alert – How to avoid and recognize injuries to your hands (like carpal tunnel syndrome) from texting and other technologies.
  • Diet for Exercise – Nutrition and performance enhancements.
  • Performance Limits – Injury prevention, performance management, and recognizing when too much is too much—for any sport.
  • Kids and Sports – The right age for participating in various types and levels of sports.
  • Kids and Sports – The concussion question.
  • Back and Neck Pain – The newest options to treat it.
  • Living Longer and Better – When are simple fractures a warning sign for you, your parents, or your grandparents.
  • Living Longer and Better – Healthy on the outside doesn’t always mean healthy on the inside: the top 10 questions to ask your doctor for great bones, muscles, and joints.
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