Deans of UT Southwestern

UT Southwestern Medical Center was initially led by a succession of Deans. The first Dean, Donald Slaughter, M.D., began his tenure in 1943. The last Dean, Charles C. Sprague, M.D., ultimately became the school’s first President.  

Atticus J. Gill, M.D.
Atticus J. Gill, M.D., Dean
George N. Aagaard, M.D. 19521954
George N. Aagaard, M.D., Dean
Atticus J. Gill, M.D. 1951
Atticus J. Gill, M.D., Acting Dean
Carl A. Moyer, M.D. 19501951
Carl A. Moyer, M.D., Dean
William Lee Hart, M.D.
William Lee Hart, M.D., Dean
William F. Mengert 19461946
William F. Mengert, Acting Dean
Tinsley R. Harrison, M.D. 19441946
Tinsley R. Harrison, M.D., Dean
Donald Slaughter, M.D. 19431944
Donald Slaughter, M.D., Acting Dean