St. Paul Medical Foundation

St. Paul Medical Foundation is dedicated to advancing excellent and innovative patient care at UT Southwestern University Hospitals through philanthropy, and promoting the role of faith and religion in medicine.

For more than a decade, the Foundation has been providing financial support and generating awareness on behalf of the Medical Center's Heart, Lung, and Vascular Programs, which are internationally recognized for excellent patient outcomes. In 2012 the Foundation’s Board of Directors voted to broaden its focus on Vascular Programs to encompass UT Southwestern’s Cerebrovascular Program, which recently was awarded a coveted distinction: Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center certification for UT Southwestern University Hospital. 

Friends Speaker Series

Sarah Gualano
Sarah Gualano, M.D.

"Scrapping the Scalpel: A Nonsurgical Approach to High-Risk Valve Patients"

What happens when the standard remedy for a narrowed heart valve – opening the chest and replacing the old valve with a new one – can't be used because a person's age or medical issues makes operating too dangerous? On February 19, Sarah Gualano, M.D., Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine at UT Southwestern, explained how a balloon catheter containing a collapsible replacement valve is inserted into an artery, guided into the aorta, wedged into the old valve's position and then expanded, taking over the job of regulating the flow of blood. This procedure, called Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), offers a new, life-changing option for inoperable patients.

Members of the Friends group and their guests enjoyed learning about this miraculous innovation and were delighted to hear that St. Paul Medical Foundation recently made a $100,000 grant to help medically-indigent patients transferred from Parkland Memorial Hospital receive the procedure at UT Southwestern.

Legends 2014

Lisa and Peter Kraus

The annual fundraising event, Legends 2014, was held at The Fairmont on September 20 and featured a concert by Kenny Loggins. The beautiful night was planned by Co-Chairs Connie and Denny Carreker. Lisa and Peter Kraus were Honorary Chairs. Proceeds from this event will provide critical funding for important research projects in cardiology and stroke at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Margo and Jim Keyes

Research Making a Difference from UT Southwestern on Vimeo.

With little time to spare, John Godwin’s life was saved by a heart transplant. Fortunately for John, a donor match was found that was close enough for quick transport of the organ to UT Southwestern. But others are not so lucky. For various reasons including organ accessibility, only 40 percent of donated hearts are actually transplanted each year, which means many patients do not survive. To help make more hearts available for transplant, St. Paul Medical Foundation is helping fund a study to perfect a device that will extend the life of a donated heart, thereby saving countless future patients like John.