St. Paul Medical Foundation

Summer 2016

Dear St. Paul Friends:

In 1964, St. Paul Medical Foundation opened its doors with the mission of promoting excellence in medicine – first at St. Paul Hospital and more recently at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Over the years, we have evolved our efforts to best accommodate the changing environment and ensure that our mission continues. Most recently, with the opening of the William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital that replaced the former St. Paul Hospital, the Foundation’s role expanded to serve a broader patient base at UT Southwestern University Hospitals, with a special emphasis on the underserved and support of heart, lung, vascular, and cerebrovascular programs.

Now, more than half a century and many successes later, we are transitioning one last time to permanently extend our mission by winding down our activities and infusing UT Southwestern with the Foundation’s resources and talent. To that end, a permanent endowment will be established with St. Paul’s assets for the benefit of the Medical Center’s patients and programs, and a legally binding Memorandum of Understanding will ensure that the funds are spent as directed.

At this important time of transition, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to all who have supported the Foundation. Together, your gifts of time and resources have worked not-so-minor miracles in the lives of many – including patients who received St. Paul grants to pay for life-saving medications not covered by insurance, and post-surgery heart patients who sped their recovery through the benefit of the St. Paul Therapeutic Gym and bedside rehab equipment in Clements Hospital.

We would not have been able to impact the lives of these patients and thousands of others without your support and that of so many others through St. Paul Medical Foundation. Our hope going forward is that each of us can continue to make miracles happen for patients through renewed commitments and contributions to the excellence in medicine that is the very heart of UT Southwestern’s mission.

Sincerely yours,

Vin Perella

Sally Ridgway