Donor Stories

Behind every gift to UT Southwestern Medical Center is a story. These stories inspire us to search for new lifesaving treatments, deliver personalized care to our patients, and provide superb training to the researchers, physicians, and health care providers who are the future of medicine. Watch a short video then read more about the generous supporters who make our work possible.

Ms. Patterson

Vaughan's support underrepresented house staff through HEAL fund

Drs. Sue and Bob Vaughan met in 1971, and their story is one of a flourishing and loving partnership. Together, they are making changes in a world that has become their classroom.

Ms. Patterson

“Let’s talk about my love for UT Southwestern…”

Dr. Cecil O. and Berta Patterson stood for the tradition of giving and caring for others. Their daughter, Patricia “Pat” Patterson, learned important life lessons through her parents’ fine example of hard work and achieving one’s dreams.

Lyda Hill

Generous gifts support CONQUER Project to advance transverse myelitis research

Donors like Lyda Hill, James and Karen LoBianco, and The Meadows Foundation, make the CONQUER (Collaboration On Neuroimmunology: Question, Understand, Educate, Restore) Project possible.

Epilepsy Donors

New Mickey Epilepsy Monitoring Unit helps doctors find best treatment options

Epilepsy patients now have hope for a better life, thanks to a generous $1 million gift from Linda and Milledge “Mitch” W. Hart III to help renovate and equip a state-of-the-art epilepsy monitoring unit and operating room.

The Browns in a research lab

Browns create Chair to support pathology research

With their strong historical ties to UT Southwestern Medical Center, it is no surprise that Mason and Barbara Brown reached a total of $500,000 in their generous giving to create the John Lawrence and Patsy Louise Goforth Chair in Pathology.

The Browns in a research lab

Through continued advocacy and events, Kidney Cancer Coalition helps create hope for patients

Ralph Knapp’s life drastically changed on June 9, 2014. He and his wife, Brenda, knew something was amiss, but the grim diagnosis of kidney cancer that had metastasized to his lungs left the couple in complete shock.

Beth Kahn

Kahn family honors Beth Kahn by ‘planting seeds’ for brain cancer research

Champions of gratitude and giving, members of the Beth and Gary Kahn Family have created and encouraged several new research funds that are enabling further understanding and treatment of brain cancer – specifically glioblastoma.

A.L. Chilton Foundation donates $240,000 to UT Southwestern

Arthur L. Chilton began supporting biochemistry students in the 1950s through his charitable foundation. The radio broadcasting executive was drawn to UT Southwestern Medical Center by an interest in lipid metabolism and obesity.

Nick and Erin Borzellino with their son, Giorgio

Family foundation battles common childhood neurological disorder

When their son Giorgio was born, heightened parental instincts immediately kicked in for Erin and Nick Borzellino. They sensed their son’s development was not normal as he began missing significant childhood milestones.

Dr. Bernard Chaiken

Donor leaves personal legacy through student scholarship fund

Dr. Bernard Chaiken retired at the age of 89 after a rewarding career as a gastroenterologist, running a private practice in New Jersey for more than 60 years. He is a proud alumnus, graduating in 1949 from Southwestern Medical College, and has created a fund to support scholarships for students enrolled at UT Southwestern.

Investor Richard Rainwater

Bartolucci family supporting endocrinology, Medical School education

For Dr. Enrico Bartolucci, whose own medical practice is dedicated to dental implantology and periodontics, it was a personal experience that piqued his interest in endocrine surgery.

Investor Richard Rainwater

Rainwater Charitable Foundation triggering tau investigations

Investor Richard Rainwater received a devastating diagnosis in 2009. The Fort Worth native was suffering from progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), a fatal and incurable brain disease.

Longtime UT Southwestern supporters Tom and Jean Walter

Walters provide $1M to support multiple sclerosis research

A common and easy-to-use eye scanning technique is making waves in the fight against multiple sclerosis (MS).

A former Dallas County judge who also served on the Dallas City Council, the Honorable Garry A. Weber

Clinical experiences drives support of urologic PA program

A former Dallas County judge who also served on the Dallas City Council, the Honorable Garry A. Weber has known about UT Southwestern Medical Center’s distinguished reputation for years.

Dr. Kim Orth

Once Upon a Time… provides far-reaching support for groundbreaking work

Demonstrating its commitment to UT Southwestern Medical Center and recognizing the institution’s mission to conduct impactful medical research and provide the most advanced clinical care, charitable foundation Once Upon a Time… has recently donated $10 million in support of research being led by several faculty members across campus.

Dr. William Laurence “Larry” Thornton

Gift honors Major’s legacy and supports underserved depression patients

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania in 1971, Nicholas Major went on to build a successful clothing manufacturing career in Dallas. However, the depth of his mental illness – specifically clinical depression – negatively affected his quality of life and hindered his ability to enjoy social interactions and create lasting relationships.

Adelyn and Edmund M. Hoffman

Hoffman Center advancing work in genetics, epidemiology

For decades Adelyn and Edmund M. Hoffman were champions of UT Southwestern Medical Center and its commitment to medical excellence and dedication to discovery.

Rex Griswold (seated) is joined by (from left) Dr. Steven Vernino, Traci Griswold, Rex Griswold Foundation President, Tom Hipwell, Anne Lacey, and Dr. Pravin Khemani

Patient-driven foundation champions MSA work

Traci Griswold operates under no illusions: “I know that it’s too late for us,” she said. A disease that few people have even heard of has already transformed her once-vibrant, successful husband into a man in a wheelchair who slurs his words and can’t feed himself … and it will almost certainly kill him.

Nancy Wiener Marcus

Marcus gift supports pancreatic cancer efforts

Public perception of pancreatic cancer is a dire one. That’s with good reason, as the disease’s vague symptoms and its location deep in the abdomen rarely results in early diagnosis.

Dick and Jacqueline Grote

Renowned performance management expert establishes endowment for leadership development

After receiving care from Dr. Amit Khera, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Director of UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Preventative Cardiology Program, Dick and Jacqueline Grote began searching for ways to express their immense gratitude.