Fast Facts on Diversity

About Medical Students

  • In Fall 2009 the proportion of Hispanic students increased by more than 3 points to 14.1 percent, more than 6 points higher than the national rate. Hispanic Business magazine ranked UT Southwestern Medical Center the No. 3 medical school for Hispanics in 2009.
  • The proportion of female students in fall 2009 increased by more than 2 points to 46 percent.
  • Asian students make up 32 percent of medical student enrollment at UT Southwestern, 10 points higher than the national rate; this proportion has been increasing steadily over the last five years.

About Graduate Students

  • In 2009 females represented more than half (52 percent) of UT Southwestern’s graduate students.
  • International students made up the highest proportion (40.5 percent) of enrolled graduate students.
  • The percentage of Hispanic students increased to 6.6 percent.

About Faculty and Staff

  • The largest gains have been in the proportion of Asian-American faculty at all levels:
    • The proportion of tenure-track faculty members has grown to 40.8 percent.
    • The proportion of tenured faculty has grown to 13.7 percent.
    • The proportion of other professionals has grown to 25.8 percent.
  • In 2009 UT Southwestern achieved an increase of more than 5 percentage points in the number of female tenured faculty.
  • The proportion of women hired in other professional categories increased by almost 4 percentage points.
  • Modest increases have been made in the proportion of Hispanic tenured faculty and African-American faculty at the tenure-track and other professional levels.