Past OWC Events

Leveraging Sponsorship to Advance Careers

The Office of Women's Careers and Office of Diversity & Inclusion and Equal Opportunity partnered to offer "Leveraging Sponsors to Advance Careers" on March 19. The forum was open to the entire UT Southwestern community, at junior and senior stages of their career/training.

Sponsorship has long been acknowledged as critical to becoming a leader in the business world, and has only begun to be recognized as important for becoming leaders in academia as well. Women in general are not sponsored to a similar extent as men.

Helen Yin, Ph.D., Associate Dean for the Office of Women’s Careers, opened the forum with a brief presentation on sponsorship followed by a panel discussion lead by Merridth Simpson, Manager for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and Equal Opportunity.

2015 UT System Workshop

In collaboration with the UT System Women Senior Leaders Network, The Office of Women’s Careers held an Inaugural Workshop, “Sponsorship—Developing Future Women Leaders in the UT System,” January 21–23, 2015, in Austin, Texas. The workshop comprised approximately 75 preselected, diverse women, all representing one of the 14 University of Texas institutions.

The event targeted women faculty and administrators/executives who have the desire and potential to become senior leaders across The UT System (protégées). Matched with senior leaders from their institutions (sponsors), the goal for protégées (associate professors and equivalent level administrators/executives) is to gain new knowledge, skills, and a career plan to accelerate their path to executive leadership. The goal for sponsors is to establish a complementary plan for sponsoring their protégées into top positions at their institutions.

UT Southwestern attendees included: Helen Yin, Ph.D. (Sponsor and Workshop Organizing Chair); Suzanne Farmer, Ph.D. (Sponsor and Workshop Speaker); Cecelia Brewington, M.D. (Sponsor); Dipti Ranganathan, M.S. (Sponsor); Melody Bell, B.S. (Protégée); Ildiko Lingvay, M.D. (Protégée); Elizabeth Maher, M.D., Ph.D. (Protégée); Jenny Hsieh, Ph.D. (Protégée); Marissa Pullum, M.A. (OWC; Assistant Workshop organizer).

Learn more about the UT System Women Senior Leaders Network and the workshop

View the presentations (PDF).

See recommended readings and resources discussed during the workshop (PDF). 

2014 Fall Female Faculty Reception

The Office of Women’s Careers and WISMAC presented the Fall Reception for Women in Science and Medicine from 4  to 6 p.m. Thursday, October 23, 2014, in the A.W. Harris Faculty-Alumni Center. The reception included presentations by Helen Yin, Ph.D., and Kathleen Gibson, President and CEO of the Southwestern Medical Foundation. The reception also included two speed mentoring sessions, which allowed clinicians and basic scientists to ask selected faculty “mentors” various questions associated with the mentoring process.

Find the presentations on MyUTSW (UTSW log-in required).

New Faculty Research Forum

The Office of Faculty Diversity & Development held the 10th annual New Faculty Research Forum on September 12, 2013, in the T. Boone Pickens Auditorium. Watch the videos: Part 1 | Part 2

Promotion and Tenure

Find the videos and slides on MyUTSW, our campus intranet. (UTSW network login required)

Learn to Negotiate

Watch videos and view slides on MyUTSW (UTSW network login required)

The Office of Women’s Careers and the Office of Faculty Diversity & Development presented the “Learn to Negotiate” Series on October 4, 2013. Sessions addressed "The Art of Negotiation in an Academic Medical Center" and "Gender Influence in Negotiation."

Fall Female Faculty Reception

The Office of Women’s Careers and WISMAC sponsored the Fall Female Faculty Reception from 4 to 6 p.m. October 24, 2013, in the A.W. Harris Faculty-Alumni Center. The reception included a panel discussion/debate about Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In Movement.

Read the Center Times article, "Panel: Opportunity, mentorship can aid in gender equality"

Lean In On Campus

The Office of Women’s Careers and the Student Lean In Committee hosted “Lean In On Campus." Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook and author of the best-selling book Lean In, spoke to graduate and undergraduate students across the country in a live streaming event on October 28, 2013.

Coverage of the event: 

2013 Teaching Back Symposium

Female faculty members who have attended national professional development conferences presented a panel presentation format so others could learn from their experiences.

Demystifying the Promotion and Tenure Process

Nearly 300 faculty members attended the 2012 Promotion and Tenure Symposium featuring Peter Igarashi, M.D. View the presentation and other related materials:

2012 Fall Female Faculty Reception

OWC collaborated with the Women in Science and Medicine Advisory Committee (WISMAC) to host a reception to welcome new female faculty to UT Southwestern Medical Center and for networking of current faculty and postdoctoral fellows. The reception and presentation took place in the A.W. Harris Faculty-Alumni Center (Faculty Club) on October 11. 

2012 New Faculty Research Forum

The 2012 New Faculty Research Forum, held September 12 in the T. Boone Pickens Biomedical Building Auditorium, featured the work of 14 faculty members who are new to UT Southwestern. Read about the featured speakers and their presentations.

Summer 2012 Focus Group Discussions

OWC held eight focus group discussions with women faculty in all academic tracks and ranks to brainstorm ideas for promoting career advancement and improving work-life balance. Most frequently discussed topics include career development, leadership and negotiation workshops, mentoring programs, child care, and work-life balance.

Dr. Yin has also met with groups of medical students and MSTP students as well as individual faculty members. Based on these discussions, OWC has developed strategic approaches to address some of these issues in collaboration with FDD and other groups.

Mentoring Series for Female Graduate Students and Postdocs

Since 2011 FDD and WISMAC have co-sponsored a monthly lunch series featuring female faculty role models. The speakers share personal stories about their career paths, and provide insight on a broad range of topics such as transitioning from postdoc to independent investigator and balancing family and career obligations. Past participants included Carole Mendelson, Ph.D., Melanie Cobb, Ph.D., Beth Levine, M.D., and Sandra Schmid, Ph.D. This series will be offered jointly again by OWC and WISMAC in 2012–2013. UT Southwestern faculty can read more at MyUTSW.

2012 Teaching Back Symposium

This was the kickoff event for the newly formed OWC. Three faculty women, who FDD sponsored to attend the AAMC Career Development Seminars in 2011, highlighted what they learned in short presentations and answered questions from the audience. Helen Yin, Ph.D., moderated the panel discussion. The panelists included: Alice Chang, M.D., M.Sc., Margaret Schwarz, M.D., and Shawna Nesbitt, M.D., M.Sc.

2011 Fall Female Faculty and Postdoc Reception

FDD collaborated with WISMAC to host a reception and panel discussion on “The Leaky Pipeline” in health sciences and medicine nationally and at UT Southwestern Medical Center. The panel discussion was moderated by Alice Chang, M.D., Department of Internal Medicine. Panelists included: Byron Cryer, M.D., Alison Dobbie, M.D., Joan Schiller, M.D., Robin Jarrett, Ph.D., Carol Tamminga, M.D., and Helen Yin, Ph.D.