The Office for Technology Development's (OTD) team of intellectual property experts provides an essential service to the UT Southwestern research community to promote effective and strategic partnerships in academic labs as well as industry through agreements related to UT Southwestern intellectual property (IP).

OTD internships offer valuable opportunities for introducing postgraduate and medical students to the biomedical technology commercialization processes at UT Southwestern. Benefits to interns include:

  • The opportunity to develop an understanding of University intellectual property activities
  • The opportunity to learn the assessment of new technologies for commercialization
  • The opportunity to learn team collaboration for completing project goals 

Please see the required internship components.

Internship Program Goals

  • Educate interns on the process of intellectual property management and biomedical technology commercialization in a university setting
  • Provide basic training in licensing and negotiation
  • Provide interns the opportunity to engage with IP experts

Candidate Requirements

  • Must have an interest in biomedical technology commercialization (patent process, licensing, venture development)
  • Must be employed by UT Southwestern and have M.D., Ph.D., or equivalent degree
  • Written and verbal fluency in English
  • Good communication skills

As part of the application process, the candidate must obtain a letter of endorsement from the Department or Center Chair and principal investigator (PI). 

Please note that the OTD Internship Program provides reimbursement to a participating intern's Chair or PI for working hours spent at OTD during which he or she is not working in his or her respective laboratory. 

OTD does not pay participating interns directly for their participation in the Program.

It is the candidate's responsibility to inform his or her primary lab administrator about application and/or participation in the Program.