Checklist for an ECFMG J-1 Visa Request for International Clinical Trainee

For international clinical trainees who require a visa, UT Southwestern supports the J-1 "Alien Physician Trainee" visa sponsored through the Educational Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates (ECMFG.) Consult the appropriate liaison person in the Office of International Affairs regarding possible exceptions to this policy.

NOTE: Contact International Affairs immediately if the prospective trainee is already in the U.S. under a visa classification other than the ECFMG J-1. Additional requirements may apply.

To initiate the ECFMG J-1 Visa Process, please provide the following three items to International Affairs as soon as trainee is selected and accepts the offer:

  • You must specify whether the program is ACGME-accredited or is a “non-standard” (TMB-approved) program
  • The “Parent Program” of a non-standard program is usually the program that serves as a prerequisite and shares resources with the non-standard program
  • Provide a Federal Express account number so visa document can be forwarded to the trainee as quickly as possible
  • If no Federal Express account, a PeopleSoft Subledger and Department Number is acceptable
  1. A copy of the contract letter printed on letterhead, signed by the program director and the prospective clinical trainee, and containing the following information:
  • Official name of clinical training program
  • Duration of residency or fellowship program
  • PGY level of trainee
  • Annual salary or stipend
  • Start date of training (including dates of any required orientation)
  • End date of training
  1. A copy of prospective trainee’s CV, including current address (if possible)

Upon receipt of items 1-3, International Affairs will identify which documents from the ECFMG J-1 checklist will be needed from the trainee and from the program to complete the application. 

  • To access the correct ECFMG checklist on your own you must understand the following terminology:
    • ACGME Accredited Training Program: Approved by the American Council on Graduate Medical Education. and assigned an ACGME number
    • Non-Standard Training Program: Cutting-edge training not yet recognized by ACGME but approved as a training pathway by the Texas Medical Board
    • Initial ECFMG Sponsorship: Prospective trainee has never held ECFMG J-1 visa before and is asking to be issued that status for the first time
    • Continuation of ECFMG Sponsorship: Prospective trainee already holds ECFMG J-1 visa for another U.S. training program and is asking for an extension of time to complete your program
  • Various required forms, samples, and instructions are linked to each checklist
  • ECFMG is quite strict regarding completion of forms and other documentation
  • If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate liaison person in the Office of International Affairs before you complete the forms, to avoid delays and re-work.
  • If trainee is a UTSW employee, please ask him/her to complete the New Hire Documentation and submit it to HR-Records Division before attending orientation.