Checklist for H-1B Visas
(New, Extension, or Transfer)

Department Instructions

  • Forward link for this checklist page to prospective H-1B employee, who must provide Items Needed from Applicant 
  • Scan and email items 1-3 to the appropriate International Affairs advisor as soon as possible
  • Deliver remaining documents with copy of checklist on top to NL 3.252 as soon as completed (scanned copies are acceptable for all items except checks)  
  • Contact the appropriate International Affairs advisor with any questions

Items Needed from Department

1. ____ Job Description Form for H-1B Application (Download form)
2. ____ Export Controls Questionnaire (Download form)
3. ____ Internal Wage Documentation (Select appropriate option for type of position)
3A. ____ Postdoctoral Research Scholar Positions
____ Postdoc Pay Plan
____ Postdoc Spreadsheet including the beneficiary of the H-1B visa
3B. ____ Faculty Positions
Download  and complete Wage Worksheet
3C. ____ Clinical Residents or Fellows
____ Current House Staff Pay Scale
____ Contract letter for offered period of clinical training indicating PGY level and salary
3D. ____ Classified Positions
Send a copy to International Affairs
4. ____ H-1B Agreement to Pay Costs Home 
(Download agreement, edit, print on letterhead, and have Department Chair sign)
5. ____ Letter from supervisor
This 1-2 paragraph letter should outline job duties, incorporate the term "specialty occupation," and outline the minimum degree required for the position.
6. ____ For Faculty with Patient Care Responsibilities and Medical Residents/Fellows
6A. ____ Documentation of Texas permit
6B. ____ Documentation of passage of USMLE Steps I, II, and III
6C. ____ ECMFG Certificate (serves as credential equivalency evaluation)
7. ____ Fees 
Use documentation available at the H-1B fees page to request UTSW checks payable to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
8.____ New Employee Orientation documents
After arrival in Dallas please have the visa holder complete the Human Resources New Employee Orientation documents and submit them to the HR Records Division.

Items Needed from Applicant (give to departmental contact)

Contact International Affairs with questions and to discuss any international travel plans.

 9. ____ H-1B Application Fact Sheet
10. ____ Immigration History Form for H-1B Application
11. ____ Curriculum Vitae
12. ____ Copy of final degree, with English translation
13. ____ Degree equivalency evaluation, if foreign degree. (See list of Credential Equivalency Evaluation entities)
14. ____ Copy of biographic visa and validity pages of passport
15. ____ Copies of all U.S. immigration status documents, if any (e.g. I-94, I-20, DS-2019, I-797)
16. ____ Waiver of two year home residency requirement(if applicable)
17. ____ If currently in H-1B status, copies of paycheck summaries for previous 3 months

For Applicants with Dependents in the U.S.

18. ____ Copies of dependents' biographic, visa and validity pages, I-94 forms, and I-20, DS-2019, and/or I-797 forms.
19. ____ I-539 Form from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, completed and signed by the primary dependent (usually a spouse) with supplement completed for all other dependents.
20. ____ Fee (See H-1B Fees)