Gas Leak

A gas leak refers to a leak of natural gas — either from a pipe or another contained area — into any area where gas should not be. Natural gas is colorless and odorless by nature, but scents in the form of traces of mercaptans are usually added to help identify leaks.

Natural gases can explode when exposed to a flame or sparks, so be sure to report any suspected gas leaks immediately.

What to Do: Gas Odor

  • Warn others in the immediate area.
  • Evacuate and secure the area.

What to Do: Major Leak 

  • Call 911 and give the dispatcher your name, location of odor, and any related information.
  • Begin evacuating the building. If you are outside, isolate the area. 
  • Warn others in the immediate area.
  • Prevent the leak from igniting.
  • Do not re-enter the building or outside area until it has been cleared by authorized personnel.

Source: Texas A&M University